The Joyce Country & Western Lakes Geopark project

  • An area of south Mayo stretching out to North Connemara is ready to seek UNESCO designation for a geopark.

    A geopark is unique landscape, with an exceptional geology that tells a story spanning millions of years.

    The globally recognised UNESCO status, if secured, for what’s being termed “The Joyce Country & Western Lakes Geopark project” would add significantly to the tourism product of the region.

    Significantly the UNESCO status does notimpose additional legal status or planning restrictions.

    Local, national and international visitors are drawn to geoparks to enjoy an authentic local experience in a unique natural environment.

     Michael Hegarty is the Manager of the proposed Joyce Country & Western Lakes Geopark project, and he’s been telling Midwest News Editor Teresa O’Malley more about the value of UNESCO status for such a development…



    Further details are available on the geopark website: