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  • Mayo native Dr Kathleen Lynn - medical doctor, politician and activist - is to commemorated on a silver coin next year.

    The Central Bank is currently inviting artists and designers to submit their design for a silver coin to commemorate the Killala woman, who was born in Mullafarry in 1874, studied medicine and went on to found a children's hospital in Dublin in 1919.

    Dr Kathleen Lynn was the Chief Medical Officer during the 1916 Easter Rising, and was elected a Sinn Fein TD in 1923.

    The Central Bank will issue three collector coins in 2020 - to commemorate Dr Kathleen Lynn, singer Luke Kelly and Gothic Architecture.

    Those wishing to design one of the coins have until next Friday 13th September to make a submission, and further details of the competition are available online at

  •  Almost 5 million euro has been spent on ambulances to Mayo University Hospital over the past seven years, and according to Erris based Sinn Fein Senator Rose Conway Walsh it’s too high a price to pay when the service is not under HSE control.

    The senator says the spending €4.8 million on private ambulances since 2011 does not constitute value for money and the money should instead have been spent purchasing and staffing new ambulances.

     She claims that the ambulance services in the HSE have suffered from years of cuts, under investment, and privatisation of ambulance services with over €31 million being spent on private ambulances by the HSE nationally since 2011.

    Mayo University Hospital and the State, she believes, need to ensure that we have a high quality, publicly owned stock of ambulances instead of putting money into the pockets of private companies which does not constitute fiscal prudence.

  • There's a big boost for Sinn Fein in the latest political opinion poll.

    The Behaviour and Attitudes poll in today's Sunday Times shows the party up two points to 21 percent while its new leader, Mary Lou McDonald, is almost as popular as the Taoiseach on 51 percent.

    Fine Gael are up 1 to 33 per cent, 8 points clear of Fianna Fáil who've dropped 2 to 25 per cent.

  • A school teacher is hoping to secure a council seat for Sinn Fein in the Claremorris Electoral in the upcoming local elections.

    Natasha Warde from Claremorris who has a Degree in Sociology and Political Science says she has been approached on a number of occasions to get involved in politics.

    Ms. Warde says she is disheartened with the present Government and feels it’s now time for change.

  • Despite a motion unanimously agreed by Castlebar Councillors to respect the request of Castlebar Tidy Towns, not to erect political posters on polls in the upcoming election, Sinn Fein Councillor Joe McHale is not convinced that it will stop such actions when an election is called.

    It was the Sinn Fein Councillor himself, who proposed the motion at the November meeting of Castlebar Municipal District and it was passed, but after the process he was informed that the motion was not worth the piece of paper that it was written on.

    Sinn Fein candidate posters in the Presidential Election were erected last month in Castlebar, and at the October meeting of the authority the party was criticised for doing so.

    Cllr McHale said, when the request of Castlebar Tidy Towns was conveyed to him, he had the posters taken down and that was what led to him putting forward the motion to ban all political posters in Castlebar at the next election.

    It has since emerged, however, that political posters at ground level as distinct from being erected on polls, are acceptable to Castlebar Tidy Towns.

  • The Green Party's gaining ground after its strong result in the local and European elections.

    The latest Sunday Times/ Behaviour & Attitudes June Poll out today, shows the Greens are up 6 points to 11 per cent.

    It's bad news for Fine Gael, which has seen its support fall by 5 points to 23 per cent, while Fianna Fail's more popular with no change on 28 per cent.

    Not a great result either for Sinn Fein who are down 7 points to 12, while Labour's risen by a point to 5 per cent.

    900 eligible Irish voters aged 18 and took part in the survey, which was carried out from the 31st of May to the 11th of June.





  • Irish Water is to provide extra traffic management on Friday and Sunday evenings in Charlestown, while work is ongoing on sewerage pipes in the town.

    That was confirmed by local Sinn Fein Cllr Gerry Murray today.

    Cllr Murray had contacted Irish Water to see if they could provide additional personnel to man the traffic management in the town, especially on Friday and Sunday evenings due to the sheer volume of traffic.

    Irish Water confirmed they will do that and they will suspend works for the St Patrick’s Weekend, so that the parade can go ahead.

    Cllr Murray also appealed to people to shop local, despite the ongoing works.

    He also said that Irish Water hope to have finished the works in the next four weeks.

  • Joe McHale from Castlebar has been co-opted onto Mayo County Council, to take the seat recently vacated by Terése Ruane.

    At a selection convention held in Castlebar over the weekend, Joe McHale defeated Donna Hyland to take the Sinn Fein seat on the local authority in the Castlebar Municipal District.

    Térese Ruane recently retired from the council after 8 years as a public representative, due to work commitments.

    Joe McHale is a long-serving member of Sinn Fein who was unsuccessful in contesting previous elections.

  • The latest political opinion poll brings good news for Fine Gael.

    The Red C Sunday Business Post poll shows the Government party ahead on 33 percent with Fianna Fail 9 points behind on 24.

    Sinn Fein's up 2 points to 16 percent.

    Renua and Solidarity PBP are both up 1 to 2 percent.

    The Independent Alliance drop to just 1 percent with Independents overall on 11.

    Labour's unchanged on 6 percent - the Green Party and Social Democrats are unchanged on 2 percent.

  • A Mayo Sinn Féin Senator has called for an independent investigation on the historical prescribing of valproate to pregnant women.

    Rose Conway-Walsh says it is now clear that hundreds of children have been born with disabilities as a direct result of the of the prescribing sodium valproate (epilim) which is a drug licensed in Ireland for the treatment of epilepsy and bi-polar disorder.

    Senator Conway-Walsh says the crux of the matter is that parents were not informed of the risks or risk-reduction measures they needed to put in place, therefore they continued to be prescribed valporate during pregnancy.

  • A Mayo Senator has questioned a Minister on why it takes four years to build a flood defence wall, as in the case of Carrowholly, Rosmindle and Kilmeena.

    Sinn Fein Senator Rose Conway-Walsh raised the issue during a debate on flooding in the Seanad with Minister Kevin ‘Boxer’ Moran.

    The residents in these areas are waiting four years to have such a wall rebuilt to ensure their homes are protected from flooding.

    Senator Conway-Walsh says the situation is simply disgraceful. She says there must be a better balance between the views of the local community and the consultants that are brought in at great cost to draft reports on the issue.

    The Senator also raised the issue of insurance companies only wanting to offer cover tot those that will never claim. She asked Minister Moran to seek cabinet support for the Sinn Fein Consumer Insurance Contracts Bill, that would mean that insurers would no longer be able to use technical excuses to avoid paying out on claims.

  • A Mayo Senator has questioned the commitment of Fianna Fáil to saving rural post offices after their own motion on the issue was poorly attended by their own senators.

    Sinn Féin's Rose Conway-Walsh says there was only one speaker from Fianna Fáil on behalf of the motion and only three Fianna Fáil senators turned up to vote.

    She says there is no use in attending mass rallies calling for the protection of rural post offices if those same politicians are not going to use every avenue available in the Oireachtas to achieve this.

    Senator Conway-Walsh was strongly critical of Fianna Fáil's attempts to explain away the 732 post office closures that happened when they were in Government.

  • A Mayo Senator has raised the issue of home help hours and packages with the Oireachtas Committee on Health.

    Erris based Sinn Fein Councillor Rose Conway-Walsh says there are 6,450 people assessed and approved for home help and are on a waiting list for it.

    She also raised the issue of home help providers having their hours cut.

    Senator Conway-Walsh says that the system which was in place up to 2010, where the HSE ran the home help service, worked perfectly and should not have changed. The service was privatised after 2010.

    Senator Conway-Walsh told Midwest News that there are ways and means that the issue of waiting lists can be tackled.

  • A Mayo Sinn Fein Senator says it is puzzling that Fianna Fail has a new found interest in Jobpath and the impact of it on the CE, RSS and Tús schemes.

    Senator Rose Conway-Walsh says Sinn Fein brought forward a motion in the Seanad in November of last year which asked that all referrals to Jobpath should be stopped.

    At that time Fianna Fail firstly introduced an amendment to the motion that weakened it and then voted against it in the Seanad.

    The Erris based Senator says Sinn Fein has been critical of Jobpath for a long time now and worried about its impact on schemes such as CE, RSS and Tús.

    She says Fianna Fail Oireachtas members need to stop doing one thing in Leinster House and saying something different in their own constituencies.

    Senator Conway-Walsh was responding to Mayo Fianna Fail Deputy Dara Calleary who told Midwest News this morning that a Bill from his party showed their commitment to the schemes.

  • Patients who are diagnosed with cancer often need immediate treatment, but have to bear the cost themselves until their medical card application is approved.

    Mayo Senator Rose Conway-Walsh says the medical costs of such patients should be covered from the date they apply for a medical card.

    The Sinn Fein Senator raised the matter recently with Minister of State at the Department of Health Jim Daly, who said the HSE aims to process 95% of medical cards applications within 3 weeks.

    However, Senator Conway-Walsh says it can often take longer, due to amount of paperwork required for a medical card.

    In the meantime, she says significant costs can accrue for the patient, and the medical card should be granted retrospectively to cover such costs.

  • A Mayo Senator says Sinn Fein absolutely made the right decision to run a candidate in the election.

    Erris based SF Senator Rose Conway-Walsh says there was a limited time for people to get to know the candidates properly and they were only getting to know their candidate Liadh Ni Riada.

    Senator Conway-Walsh spoke with Midwest News at the count centre in Castlebar today.

    Meanwhile Castlebar Fine Gael Cllr Henry Kenny says there is no doubt in his mind, that that right candidate for the job will be elected later.

    Cllr Kenny says Michael D Higgins is the correct choice for President in terms of his capabilities for the position.

  • A Mayo Sinn Féin Senator has called for the rights of children with suspected disabilities to be respected and for the Government to fulfil its obligations under the 2005 Disability Act.

    Rose Conway-Walsh has called on the Government to end the scandal of parents of children who are waiting months for assessment of need to be carried out.

    She says each child is entitled under law to an assessment within six months and when this does not happen, their rights are being denied.

    Senator Conway-Walsh says many parents have become exasperated with the long waits and uncertainty and have to make huge sacrifices to fund these assessments privately.


    A new opinion poll out today shows a significant slide in support for Sinn Fein and the party's new leader, Mary Lou McDonald.

    The Behaviour and Attitudes survey for The Sunday Times, shows the party down 6 points to 17 percent - with deputy McDonald down 4 points to 44.

    The paper's Political Editor Stephen O'Brien says Fianna Fail have improved the most, narrowing the gap with Fine Gael.


  • A new opinion poll suggests Sinn Féin is now the most popular opposition party.

    A Sunday Times Behaviour and Attitudes poll of 935 people  shows Sinn Fein up 3 points to 24 percent, overtaking Fianna Fail who are down 2 to 23.

    While A Red C / Sunday Business Post poll of a thousand adults reveals has Fine Gael ahead on 34 percent, followed by Fianna Fail on 25, but it also shows an increase for Sinn Fein - up 2, to 16 points.

    Sunday Times' Political Editor Stephen O'Brien believes the Government has taken a hit over the Cervical Check Scandal.

  • People should take a look at the alternative budget proposed by Sinn Fein and judge it on its own merits.

    That’s according to Mayo Sinn Fein Senator Rose Conway-Walsh.

    She says that despite criticism from Government, this is a fully costed budget that the party feels addresses some of the main concerns facing the country at present.

    Senator Conway-Walsh says that they would look to tackle the housing crisis, beds in hospitals and waiting lists amongst other concerns, by taxing various outlets.

    She says she has also highlighted a number of issues in Mayo that deserve priority funding.