Salmon Weir Pedestrian Bridge

  • The pedestrian bridge over the river Moy in Ballina will not re-open to the public until May, and the cost of repairing the relatively new structure could be well in excess of 100,000 euro. That was confirmed today by the Manager of the Ballina Municipal District, Declan Turnbull.

    Mr Turnbull was responding to questions from the Cathaoirleach of Ballina Municipal District Seamus Weir, at today’s monthly meeting of the authority.

    Cathaoirleach Weir asked why is it taking so long and who will foot the bill?

    The bridge is closed since July last, when corrosion at the base of the structure were first identified,

    The Manager explained that while the work required to restore the structure has been agreed, some of the material required to repair it must be imported from the UK, as specialised materials. The actual time the work will take is dependent on Covid restrictions and water levels in the river at the time.

    He said that his best estimate is that the footbridge will be re-opened to the public sometime in the month of May and the estimated cost of the works is 100,000 euro at least.

    That money will initially be paid by Mayo County Council in an effort to get the structure re-opened, but the council is looking at the guarantee that was put in place and the insurance that was secured when the bridge was installed initially, in 2009, and he concluded that this is a “technical legal issue”.

    The Salmon Weir Bridge over the River Moy was opened to the public in 2009 and was built at a cost of 1.4 million euro.

  • The Salmon Weir Pedestrian Bridge in Ballina has reopened this weekend ahead of schedule.

    The bridge has been closed for almost a year, after worrying levels of corrosion were detected on its support structures.

    Work started on the bridge last Monday and it was anticipated it would take around three weeks to complete.

    However, local councillor Mark Duffy confirmed to Midwest News today that the contractors worked around the clock and the bridge has now reopened.

  • Work has started this week on repairing the Salmon Weir pedestrian bridge in Ballina.

    The bridge has been closed for almost a year, after worrying levels of corrosion were detected on its support structures.

    Mayo County Council expect the work to be completed by mid-may.

    Local Councillor Mark Duffy has been telling Midwest News that the cost of the project is estimated at around €100,000.

  • The Salmon Weir Bridge in Ballina is set to reopen in early March.

    That news has been confirmed by local Independent Councillor Mark Duffy who says following a lot of public pressure, there is development in re-opening the pedestrian bridge that was closed last year due to structural issues.
    A contractor has now been appointed to carry out the necessary works.

    Councillor Duffy told Midwest News today that the timeline for reopening the bridge is estimated at the beginning of March.

    The cost of the repair work, to this relatively new bridge, is not yet in the public domain.

  • There’s no date for the re-opening of the Salmon Weir Pedestrian bridge in Ballina. That’s according to the Cathaoirleach of Ballina Municipal District, Seamus Weir.

    Public access to the bridge has been cut off for a number of months now, after council engineers observed that some of the bolts under the bridge may be compromised.

    The naming of the Salmon Weir Pedestrian bridge across the River Moy in Ballina caused a lot of controversy in the town council about twenty years ago now, however, the 1.4 million euro structure was open to the public back in 2009 and has become a popular rout for walkers and runners in Ballina.

    Cathaoirleach Weir raised the matter at yesterday’s monthly meeting of Ballina Municipal District and asked council officials for an update on the closed off bridge.

    He told Mid West News today that the response from management failed to answer his questions and he will raise the matter again at next month’s meeting of the authority.