registered charities

  • The public are being advised to check if they are donating clothes, electrical, tech or household items to groups that drop leaflets door to door, that the donations are going to a registered charity with a license to collect in this way.

    At present door to door leaflets on collecting such items, are being dropped in letterboxes across the county, purporting to be from a charity that is named on the leaflet, but whose details are not registered.

    If you want to donate clothes or other items, it’s advised to look locally and to be aware that voluntary organisations like St Vincent de Paul has clothes banks in Castlebar, Ballina, Claremorris and Tuam. Other registered charities have similar facilities around the region.

    The public are advised that if you donate a laptop or a mobile phone – it may be very difficult to ensure all the memory on that device has been completely wiped, potentially leaving the donor's personal information compromised.