referendum on 8th amendment

  • Tallies across the country suggest Ireland has voted overwhelmingly to repeal the 8th amendment.

    No results have been announced yet but a clear trend is emerging from count centres.

    There's now a strong chance that every constituency in the country may vote Yes to repealing the 8th amendment.

    Tallies are showing a strong trend towards yes.

    In Mayo with about three quarters of the boxes open, the trend nationwide is reflected here with about 58% in favour of Yes and 42% No according to tally figures. The majority of the boxes left to be opened are from the Westport area. 

    In Galway East the final tally shows the Yes side winning 60.6% to 39%. 

    In the Dublin City it's unanimous - with possibly the strongest yes vote in the country coming in Rathmines where it was 87 per cent yes.

    In Dublin county overall it's 3-to-1 Yes vote.

    It's tight in Donegal with the No side leading 51 - 49

    With over half of boxes open in Kerry it looks like a 58 per cent yes vote.

    The Cork city centres are looking like a 2-1 yes, with the same result likely in Carlow Kilkenny

    Across Wexford three quarters of boxes are open with no urban rural divide and a clear yes on the cards.


  • Voting in the referendum on the 8th Amendment will take place on the Mayo islands tomorrow.

    Polling stations on Clare Island, Inisturk and Inisbiggle will open at 9am tomorrow  morning and remain open until 7pm.

    Voters on the Mayo islands go to the polls a day ahead of those on the mainland to ensure the ballot boxes are delivered by Friday night to the count centre at the TF Royal Hotel in Castlebar, in time for Saturday’s count.