• Over 5,000 houses in Mayo and Donegal could finally undergo works to repair defective concrete blocks.

    Homeowners with mica or pyrite in the walls or foundations have reported serious structural damage, such as cracks in the walls.

    Minister Darragh O'Brien will announce details of the scheme, worth between 55,000 and 275,000 euro per house, later today.

  • A draft plan for a pyrite remediation scheme will go before a meeting of the cabinet in January.

    That’s according to Mayo Fine Gael Senator Michelle Mulherin, who raised the matter with Minister Damien English this week.

    A pyrite remediation scheme was confirmed by Government in October and Senator Mulherin says the Minister told her that a draft scheme has been drawn up.

    That draft will go before cabinet in January for any amendments or changes required and approval.

    Senator Mulherin says that once the scheme has been approved, it will be put in place almost immediately.

  • There should be no planning obstacles put before applicants seeking grants to rebuild homes destroyed by pyrite. That’s the view of Erris based Fine Gael councillor Gerry Coyle. The councillor has been highlighting problems with the new grant scheme, the Defective Concrete block grant scheme now available to address the problem.

    He says it’s wrong that a home owner with their house crumbling down around them for years, because of pyrite in the building blocks, is now forced to seek planning permission to rebuild their home.

    He believes a Part 8 Planning should be available to these applicants, as it would be much simpler and more cost efficient.

    The cost of securing planning permission to rebuild the same house is excessive, he argues, for already hard pressed mortgage holders. There are many houses in the Erris area impacted by pyrite.

    While a 90 percent grant for works undertaken will be covered by the Defective Concrete Block grant to successful applicants, nonetheless, the home owners, the councillor says are still faced with upfront costs and in addition a 10 percent balance that could be 20,000 euro or more.

  • An Erris homeowner whose house is severely affected by pyrite feels announcement of pilot remediation project is nothing short of a joke.

    Yesterday it was announced on Evening Edition that the Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy has given the go-ahead for a pilot remediation project in North Mayo, as part of ongoing efforts to try and find a solution to the issue of pyrite in concrete blocks in a number of Mayo homes.

    Michael Healy whose house in Corclough has been among the worst cases of pyrite was told previously that the whole house has to be demolished.

    Mr. Healy says yesterday’s announcement of an experimental pilot project which will see the outer leaf removed of a house and replaced is ten steps backwards.

  • There's good news in today's Budget for hundreds of householders in Co Mayo whose homes have been damaged by pyrite in the blockwork.

    The Government has signed off in principle on a grant aid scheme to assess and repair homes in Mayo affected by pyrite.

    An expert report was published last year which revealed that up to 400 homes across the county were affected by pyrite damage-  particularly in north and west Mayo.

    Mayo FG Senator Michelle Mulherin, who has been campaigning for some time for a compensation scheme for the private homeowners affected, has welcomed the news in today's Budget that a Concrete Blockwork Scheme is to be established, and money will be provided from next year to assist homeowners carry out remedial works.

  • There's good news for householders in Mayo whose homes have been affected by pyrite damage.

    The Government has agreed to provide €20 million euro this year for a scheme to repair homes affected by pyrite and mica in Mayo and Donegal.

    Some 350 homes in Mayo are affected by pyrite - some with serious structural damage.

    Last October, the Government agreed in principle to a grant aid scheme to assess and repair the damage, and at yesterday's Cabinet meeting, it was agreed to provide €20 million from central Government funds this year to repair homes.

    That's according to Mayo-based Minister for Rural & Community Affairs Michael Ring, who says the worst-hit homes will be repaired first under the scheme....

  • The Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy has given the go-ahead for a pilot remediation project in north Mayo, as part of the ongoing work to try and find a solution to the issue of pyrite in concrete blocks in a number of Mayo homes.

    Minister of State Damien English met with a number of homeowners in Mayo earlier this year, and said a pyrite remediation scheme is a top priority for him.

    Minster Eoghan Murphy has now confirmed that an experimental pilot project will be carried out on a social housing unit in Carrowtigue, which will have its outer leaf removed and replaced.

    Mayo Fine Gael Senator Michelle Mulherin says this is a important step forward in finding a solution to the issue for Mayo householders whose homes are affected by pyrite in the blockwork.

  • Mayo Senator Rose Conway-Walsh is calling on Fine Gael representatives in Mayo to apply pressure to their Cabinet colleagues to sign off on the pyrite redress scheme, as she says time is of the essence in order to facilitate necessary repairs.

    The Sinn Fein Senator says that, with the onset of spring and summer, the only opportunity that householders have to arrange for necessary repairs to be carried out is fast approaching, as complex external structural work can only be completed in relatively good weather.

    Senator Conway Walsh says many houses around Co Mayo are in a precarious state due to pyrite damage, and the homeowners need to know when the redress scheme will be made available, so they can plan the necessary repairs.



  • A Mayo TD is calling on the Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy to give a start date for the compensation scheme for those whose homes are affected by pyrite.

    €20 million was set aside in last year's Budget for a Mica and pyrite redress scheme, but it has not yet opened for applications.

    Mayo Fianna Fail TD Lisa Chambers says there was much fanfare when the compensation scheme was announced, but 12 months later, it has not been delivered.

    With just days to go to next Budget, Deputy Chambers told Midwest Radio News that the Minister must announce a start date for this scheme immediately.

  • Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy is making a case to Minister Donohue for the inclusion of funding for a pyrite remediation scheme in Budget 2019.

    That was confirmed to Mayo Fine Gael Senator Michelle Mulherin.

    Senator Mulherin had a meeting with Minister Murphy last Friday, during which she asked him to allocate funding in the forthcoming Budget to establish a Pyrite Remediation Scheme to provide financial assistance for affected homeowners in Mayo.

    She said that she is pleased to confirm that the Minister is very sympathetic to the plight of homeowners and is making a case to Minister Paschal Donohue for it to be included in Budget 2019.

  • Details of a remedial grant scheme for people whose home has been affected by pyrite has been released.

    The counties worst affected by Pyrite are Mayo and Donegal with North Mayo in particular strongly impacted.

    There are 350 home owners in Mayo in total affected by pyrite.

    The scheme is designed to allow people to rebuild their homes.

    There are a number of options available, but demolish and rebuild is expected to be primarily used in Mayo.

    The maximum grant available under the defective concrete blocks scheme is €275,000, or 90% of the cost of the works.

    The grant applies to a principal place of residence.

    Among the costs it doesn't cover is alternative accommodation if a home owner has to leave their house during remedial works.

    Speaking to Midwest News today Castlebar Cathaoirleach Michael Kilcoyne says the grant will be known as the defective concrete block scheme.



    A new protocol in assessing damage to properties containing mica or pyrite could be in the pipeline.

    The National Standards Authority of Ireland is inviting homeowners, engineers and other technical experts to give their views on the new draft assessment for concrete blocks.

    A report last year recommended that new protocols be set up, after it was revealed that up to 5,000 homes in counties Mayo and Donegal were built using defective blocks.

  • A meeting in relation to the new financial scheme for owners of houses damaged by pyrite has been postponed until next week.

    Mayo County Council is advising the public that the information meeting on the Pyrite and Mica Remediation Scheme, which was due to take place in Belmullet this Thursday evening, has now been re-arranged for Wednesday 12th February at the Belmullet Civic Centre from 3.30 to 4.30 pm.

    Details of the scheme were published by the Department of Housing last Friday, and this meeting will give owners of homes affected by pyrite damage to find out more about the scheme and how to apply.



  • The Pyrite/Mica remediation scheme regulations have today been signed by the Government.

    The 'Financial Assistance Scheme for Remediation of Damaged Dwellings due to the Use of Defective Concrete Blocks' was signed by Ministers Paschal Donohue and Eoghan Murphy.

    Mayo County Council will administer the grant scheme for affected homeowners in the county.

    This grant scheme will enable people in Mayo whose homes have been affected by pyrite to receive supports for remediation works.

    A public information event will take place in the Offices of Mayo County Council in Belmullet Civic Centre, Church Road, Belmullet on Thursday next, from 3.30pm to 4.30pm.

    Where remedial works are deemed necessary, this scheme covers up to 90% of the costs associated with the remediation of the dwelling.

    Minister for Community and Rural Development Michael Ring says this Government grant scheme is about ensuring people feel secure and safe in their homes.

    €40 million was allocated for the scheme in the last Budget.

  • There's good news for householders in Mayo whose homes have been damaged by pyrite.

    Mayo County Council has appointed an officer to administer the Pyrite and Mica Remediation scheme, which will be published at the end of this month.

    Mayo FG Senator Michelle Mulherin says she's been informed by Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy that the scheme will be published at the end of January and Mayo County Council will be in a position to accept applications thereafter.

    Mayo County Council has confirmed that they have appointed an in-house officer to administer the scheme, and soon after it's published, the council will hold a workshop for affected homeowners, so people can understand the scheme and how it will operate.

    Senator Mulherin says she now hopes this long drawn out process can be finalised, and the scheme put in place.

    €40 million was allocated for the scheme in the last Budget.


  • The remediation scheme for homeowners in Mayo whose properties have been damaged by pyrite should open for applications within a matter of weeks.

    That's according to Mayo FG Senator Michelle Mulherin, who says €40 million euro for the scheme was signed-off by the Cabinet yesterday.

    The scheme will be administered by Mayo and Donegal County Councils, and the homeowner's contribution towards remedial works will be 10%.

    Senator Mulherin told Midwest News this afternoon that regulations are still being finalised, and it's hoped the scheme will open for applications within weeks.