public church services

  • As of tomorrow, public Masses can be celebrated again in Churches across the region, and in some parishes, depending on the size and structure of the Church building, 50 people can attend the service, while in larger Churches that number rises to 100.

    St Mary’s Church in Westport can accommodate 100 people for Mass, and local Administrator Fr Charlie McDonnell says working with his parish council he is delighted that people can again attend Mass, and he says the Covid regulations will be carefully adhered to.

    Christmas Masses he explains, will be complicated this year, as normally between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Masses, St Mary’s Church would host up to 6,000 parishioners, that number this year is reduced to 600.

    However, he says, the Masses will continue online, and the parish Radio will also broadcast the celebrations. These additional services he hopes will help to meet local demands.

    Fr Charlie has been telling Midwest News about the preparations now underway again to re-open the churches for public services