Presentation Night

  • 1: Westaro Masters League Division 2


                                                         Runners-Up-------Swinford (medals)

                                                         Winners------------Swinford B (medals)


    Masters  Div 2----Player of Month

    November-----------------------Gavin Groarke, Swinford

    December-----------------------Tim Moriarty, Swinford ‘B’

    January--------------------------John S. Duffy, Swinford ‘B’

    Masters Division 2 Golden Boot….……………Patrick McDonnell


    Masters Division 2 Footballer of the Year;----------Tim Moriarty, Swinford ‘B’


    2: Westaro Masters League Division 1:                                       


                                                         Runners-up-------Ballina Town (medals)

                                                         Winners-----------Manulla (medals)


    Masters Div 1----Player of Month

    November-----------------------Dermot McNicholas, Manulla

    December-----------------------Eugene Gorman, Ballina Town

    January-------------------------A. P. Kelly, Ballyhaunis Town

    February/March--------------Both divisions combined-----Patrick McDonnell, Swinford ‘B

    Masters Division  1 Golden Boot….……………Bryan Mannion

    Masters Division 1 Footballer of the Year;-----------Bryan Mannion, Castlebar Celtic

    3: Fair Play Award:                                                                

    This award goes to the team with the best disciplinary record during the season

    Fair Play award:------------------------Partry Athletic (€300 sports voucher)


    4: Killeen Sports Grounds League Two:                                  


                                                           Runners-up-------Claremorris B (medals)

                                                           Winners-----------Hollister (medals + cheque for €500)


    Killeen Sports Grounds League Two----Player of Month


    March/April--------------------Malachy McCarron, Hollister

    May-------------------------------Dylan Ralph, Ballyvary Blue Bombers

    June------------------------------Danny Langdon, Hollister

    July-------------------------------Shane Maughan, Ballina Utd

    August---------------------------Niall Kitching, Claremorris B

    League Two Golden Boot………………Clive Hennigan/Shane Maughan



    League Two Footballer of the Year Nominees

              (1)---------------Danny Langdon

              (2)---------------Malachy McCarron

              (3)---------------Clive Hennigan


    League Two Footballer of the Year;--------------Danny Langdon, Hollister


    5: Goalkeeper of the Year

    As a member of a team that conceded only 15 goals during the course of 18 rounds of the Super League you could say he got all his decisions politically correct.

    Goalkeeper of the Year;------------Mark Duffy, Ballina Town


    6:  League One


                                                  Runners-up--------Manulla B (medals)

                                                  Winners----------- Ballina Town B (medals + cheque for €600)


    League One-----Player of Month


    March/April-------------------Paddy Canavan, Manulla B

    May-----------------------------Dale Hopkins, Ballina Town B

    June-----------------------------Kevin White, Killala

    July-----------------------------Eric Eaton, Ballina Town B

    August-------------------------Jason Muldoon, Ballina Town B


    League One Golden Boot…………….Dale Hopkins

    League One Footballer of the Year Nominees

             (1)---------------Paddy Canavan

             (2)--------------Dale Hopkins

             (3)---------------Jason Muldoon

    League One Footballer of the Year;--------------Jason Muldoon, Ballina Town ‘B’


    7: Club Public Relations;                                                                 

    Over the past few years many of our clubs have made huge improvement in the way to portray themselves to the public, the manner in which they highlight their activities and their achievements and the way they show their communities why their club should be supported.

    While there are many good examples of innovative and engaging content coming from clubs all over the county, one club has consistently maintained its presence on Social media as it engaged and entertained its clubs members and supporters at home and away through its high-quality content.


    This year’s award goes to---Swinford


    8: Castlecourt Hotel Premier League                            


                                                      Runners-up--------Ballyhaunis Town (medals)

                                                      Winners------------Snugboro Utd (medals + cheque for €700)   


    Castlecourt Hotel Premier League----Player of Month


    March/April-------------------Dayo Adex, Ballyhaunis Town

    May-----------------------------Cathal Chambers, Glenhest Rovers

    June-----------------------------Sean Curry, Snugboro Utd

    July-----------------------------Robbie Elhert, Snugboro Utd

    August-------------------------Gary Higgins, Ballyhaunis Town

    September/October---------Jason Farrell, Conn Rangers


    Premier League Golden Boot…………Sean Curry

    Premier League Footballer of the Year Nominees

             (1)------------------Kevin Curry

             (2)------------------Sean Curry

             (3)------------------Gary Higgins


    Premier League Footballer of the Year;------------Kevin Curry, Snugboro Utd


    9: Manager of the Month;                                                             


    March/April---------------Vinnie Coen, Hollister

    May-------------------------Mick Duffy, Ballina Town

    June-------------------------Mossy Lally, Manulla B

    July--------------------------Aaron Curry, Snugboro Utd

    August----------------------Philip Devers/John Conway, Ballina Town B

    September/October—---Tommy Page, Ballyhaunis Town



    Team Manager of the Year--------------------Mick Duffy, Ballina Town


    10: Elverys Sports Super League:                                         


                                                  Runners-up---------Westport Utd (medals + cheque for €750)                         

                                                   Winners-------------Ballina Town (medals + cheque for €1,500)  


    Elverys Sports Super League-----Player of Month


    March/April----------------------Brendan Lavelle, Ballina Town

    May--------------------------------James O’Donnell, Westport Utd

    June--------------------------------Gerard O’Boyle, Castlebar Celtic

    July---------------------------------Dylan Edwards, Ballina Town

    August-----------------------------Jackson deSilva, Manulla

    September/October------------Dave Cameron, Westport Utd


    Super League Golden Boot…………….Brendan Lavelle

    Super League Footballer of the Year Nominees

             (1)---------------Dave Cameron

             (2)---------------Brendan Lavelle

             (3)---------------Derek Tansey


    Super League Footballer of the Year;--------------Dave Cameron, Westport Utd


    11: Team of the Month Awards:                                               


    November 2017-------------Ballina Town

    December 2017-------------Swinford ‘B’

    January 2018----------------Manulla

    February 2018--------------Castlebar Celtic


    All Leagues:

    March/April----------------Manulla B

    May--------------------------Snugboro Utd


    July---------------------------Ballina Utd

    August-----------------------Ballyhaunis Town

    September/October------Ballina Town


    12: Goal of the Season:                                                                

    This is the first year the League has this award, we are very thankful for the response we received. We had 411 goals recorded on our League Podcast, following 2029 votes from the public these are the top five goal scorers



                       A; Liam Flatley, Castlebar Celtic

                       B; Cathal Chambers, Glenhest Rovers

                       C; Danny Broderick, Claremorris

                       D; Daniel Gorman, Straide & Foxford Utd

                       E; Mikey O’Brien, Westport Utd


    The winner of the Mayo League Goal of the Season has been chosen by former Republic of Ireland International and current TV pundit Kevin Kilbane

    Winner of Goal of the Season-----------------------Mikey O’Brien, Westport Utd


    13: Club Person of the Year:                                                   

    The recipient of this award has represented his Club with honour and dignity over a long number of years. He performs duties above and beyond what is expected of any Club Volunteer. He is heavily involved in team management, pitch development/maintenance, fundraising and generally anything that needs to be done, will be done. He is a most deserving winner of this award.

    Club Person of the Year-------------------Damien Joyce, Manulla


    14: Club of the Year:                                                                   

    In a league which includes two winners of the F.A.I. “Club of the Year, the standards set by clubs is remarkably high. Mayo League clubs run their business in a very efficient and organized manner and it is no mean achievement to be selected as the Club of the Year.

    In a year in which the Club introduced a ‘B’ team and a Masters team, they deserve great credit in ensuring all three teams ran smoothly.  


    Club of the Year---------------Claremorris (perpetual shield + €300 sports voucher)

    15; Posthumous Awards;                                                      

    Tom Molloy, Mulranny Utd,

    When we think of Mulranny United the first name we associate with the Club is Tom Molloy. Tom founded Mulranny Utd in 1989 as an underage club and then led them into the Mayo Junior League in 2002. Tom held every position possible in the club from manager, chairman, secretary and for the past number of years was the club P.R.O.

    Tom was a big follower of the Irish team and his famous “Mulranny Wanderer” banner was seen at Ireland games as far apart as Iceland to Iran.

    It’s fair to say Tom was a larger than life character and his passing has been felt far and wide, not least by the soccer family in Mayo.

    In 2016 Tom was inducted into the Mayo League Hall of Fame and anyone who was in this room on that night will never forget the speech he gave as he collected his award


    David Walsh, Glenhest Rovers

    David played for his beloved Glenhest Rovers for over fifteen years joining them as an under 12 player and going on to play at all age groups right up to the senior team with whom he became one of the standout performers for the past decade.

    David played a crucial part in getting his side to the Super League two seasons ago but is best remembered as being one of those players and clubman that his side could rely on when times got tough both on and off the field.

    David loved playing for his local club and in the 2018 season he was named on the Premier League “Team of the Year”. Nobody could be in any doubt that this was not a token gesture by the League as he was included on merit for his towering displays at both ends of the pitch. Not only had he some excellent displays at the heart of the defence, he also scored five goals as he picked up his second “Team of the Year” award.


    16: Henry Downes “ Service to Football” Awards (2):       


    The Mayo Football League is pleased to announce the recipients of the prestigious Henry Downes “Service to Football” Awards for 2018;


    John Beckett, Fahy Rovers

    John was a founding member of the first Fahy Rovers club and player/manager with an eye for goal.

    When the club was reformed John again volunteered his experience and became part of the Fahy management which saw them rise through the divisions to the Super League.

    He was manager of the first Mayo Masters team.

    He is now one of the club’s loyal supporters from under 12 to junior level, if you don’t see him at the game there is a good chance you will hear him.


    Jimmy Flannery, Bangor Hibs

    Jimmy has been an outstanding servant to his club since its foundation in 1995 and indeed was the first player from the club to score 100 goals.

    Prior to joining up with Bangor Hibs, Jimmy had played for and scored a lot of goals for Cornboy Utd during their stint in the League in the late eighties, early nineties.

    He has always been to the forefront in all his club’s fundraising efforts down through the years and had a major input in club developments


    17: Young Footballer of the Month:                                     


    March/April--------------Martin Murphy, Swinford

    May-------------------------Mikey O Brien, Westport Utd

    June------------------------Harvey O Brien, Claremorris

    July-------------------------Tommie Forde, Ballina Town

    August---------------------Eoin Prendergast, Conn Rangers

    September/October-----Ollie Feeney, Ballina Town


    Young Footballer of the Year 2018------------Harvey O’Brien, Claremorris


    18: Hall of Fame:                                                                       

    Stephen McDonnell, Snugboro Utd.

    Stephen McDonnell was one of the founding members of Snugboro Utd in 1996. He started the club with the aim to bring the community of Snugboro together and to develop football in this small but forward thinking area in central Mayo.

    Stephen has always been an active member of the club including committee, ground development, fundraising, general maintenance and supporter.

    The success of Snugboro Utd is built from people like Stephen whose goodwill, commitment and innovation have inspired others and turned Snugboro Utd into the driving force it is today.                         


    19: Footballer of the Year:                                                 


     This year’s “Footballer of the Year” has been the epitome of strong leadership and dedication since he came back playing last year. His experience has been key in helping the younger lads in the squad and he has led by example both on and off the field.

    He was a member of the watertight defence who only conceded fifteen goals during the campaign.

    He works hard to keep himself in shape, a great trainer with a sense of humour, an excellent footballer but most importantly he is a good person.



    Let’s acknowledge the Footballer of the Year for 2018-------Derek Tansey, Ballina Town