political opinion poll

  • Almost half of people would prefer an extension to the confidence and supply agreement than a general election.

    An Irish Times/ IPSOS poll published this morning shows that 46% of people would rather try and make the current government work, while 44% would prefer to go to the polls.

    It comes as the Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin met last night to discuss the deal.

    Negotiating teams to review the confidence & supply arrangement will be appointed this week.

    Meanwhile, the opinion poll - which was carried out at the end of last week - also shows Fine Gael remains the most popular party on 33 per cent - that's up 2 points.

    Fianna Fail are down 1 point to 25% and Sinn Fein are slightly behind on 24%, which is a rise of 2 points.


  • There's a big boost for Sinn Fein in the latest political opinion poll.

    The Behaviour and Attitudes poll in today's Sunday Times shows the party up two points to 21 percent while its new leader, Mary Lou McDonald, is almost as popular as the Taoiseach on 51 percent.

    Fine Gael are up 1 to 33 per cent, 8 points clear of Fianna Fáil who've dropped 2 to 25 per cent.

  • Fine Gael and Sinn Féin have lost momentum in the latest political poll after a long period of rising popularity for both.

    The two parties are neck-and-neck at the top of the Red C poll for today's Business Post - but they've both taken a hit to their support.

    Fianna Fáil has enjoyed a rebound in the latest political poll -- jumping four percentage points to 16% support.

    Fine Gael has kept the top spot in the Red C poll for the Business Post, on 29%, just ahead of Sinn Féin on 27%.

  • Fine Gael has a slight lead on Sinn Fein in the latest political opinion poll.

    According to the Business Post/Red C survey, Leo Varadkar's party is up one point to 30 percent, while Sinn Fein are unchanged on 29 percent.

    They're both well ahead of Fianna Fail, which is down one point to 13 percent.

    Support for the Greens remains at 5 percent, Labour's unchanged on 3 percent, while the Social Democrats are down one to 4 percent.

    Solidarity/People Before Profit are unchanged on 2 percent, while support for Aontu also remains at 2 percent.

  • Fianna Fáil has slumped to it’s lowest-ever result in the latest political poll -- down five points to just ten per cent.

    The party is in third position behind Fine Gael on 35 and Sinn Féin on 27 in the Red C poll for today's Business Post.

    It's lost most support to independent candidates -- they've gained three points to ten, ahead of the Green Party on six, the Social Democrats on five, and Labour on three.

  • Fianna Fáil has made a two-point gain in the latest political poll - but at 13 percent, it has less than half the popular support of either Sinn Féin or Fine Gael. 

    Fine Gael leads with 30 percent, while Sinn Féin has dropped two points to land 27 percent support, according to Red C's latest voter survey for the Business Post.

    11 percent of voters would back independent candidates, while Labour and the Social Democrats are even on 5 percent.

    The Greens are down one to 4 percent.