Opinion Poll


    Climate change has been put firmly on the agenda for next week's local and European elections.

    Two political opinion polls out today show a significant bounce for the Green party - which is up four points in both.

    The polls also show there's very little difference in current levels of support for Fine Gael and Fianna Fail.

    These results will make lively reading for political leaders heading into local and European elections on Friday.

    A Sunday Times Behaviour and Attitudes poll of 954 voters between May 2nd and 14th puts Fine Gael and Fianna Fail level on 28 per cent - while a Red C poll of 2000 adults for the Sunday Business Post between Mayo 6th and 16th puts Fianna Fail just 4 points behind. 

  • There's a blow for the Government in the latest Sunday Times/ Behaviour and Attitudes December Poll.

    Its satisfaction rating has fallen by four to 33 per cent, while the Taoiseach Leo Varadkar's popularity has dropped 5 points to 38.

    Fianna Fail leader Micheal Martin has seen his popularity rise by one to 45 per cent.

    While satisfaction with Sinn Fein leader Mary Lou McDonald has grown by 2 to 39, but Labour Leader Brendan Howlin's popularity has fallen by three to 36.

  • Fianna Fail is the most popular political party in the Connacht / Ulster region - according to the latest Irish Times / Ipsos MRBI opinion poll.

    Nationally, Fine Gael maintains a narrow lead over Fianna Fail, with the two parties looking set to compete to lead the next Government.

    The poll shows national support of 29% for Fine Gael, 25% for Fianna Fail and 14% for Sinn Fein.

    The Green Party is up to 8%, Labour Party down 1 to 6% and Independents & Others are at 18%.

    Sampling for the poll was conducted among 1,200 voters from Friday to Sunday last, in the wake of last week's Budget and the meeting between Taoiseach Leo Varadker and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Brexit.

    The figures are compared with the last poll carried out before the May local and European elections.

    A regional breakdown shows Fianna Fail on  34% support in Connacht / Ulster- significantly higher than Fine Gael's 23%, with Sinn Fein on 14% and Labour on 3%



  • Fianna Fail has paid the price for backing the Government for another year.

    A Red C poll for today's Sunday Business Post shows support for Micheal Martin's party is down 5 points to 22 percent, following its decision to back a new 'confidence and supply' extension.

    The paper's Political Editor Michael Brennan says Fine Gael is also down, with the independents picking up the gains.

  • Fine Gael has seen a surge in popularity in the first big poll since the Government was formed.

    Leo Varadkar's party is up 4 points to 38 per cent - almost double what it had in the general election, in the 'Ireland Thinks for The Mail on Sunday' poll out today.

    Sinn Fein is down one to 26 per cent, and Fianna Fail have also dropped one to 12 per cent.

    The Green Party's on 5 per cent, down 3, while Labour's unchanged on 4 per cent and the Social Democrats stay static on 3 per cent alongside Solidarity People Before Profit.


    Fine Gael is still the most popular party in the country.

    Despite a small dip in support - a new opinion poll shows they still have a seven point lead over Fianna Fail.

    The latest Sunday Business Post/Red C poll shows Fine Gael on 32 percent, which is down a point - with Fianna Fail up one at 25 percent.

    There's disappointment for Sinn Fein which has lost the two point gain it made last month, and is now down by 2 points to 14 percent.

    Independents are up 2 to 13 per cent with the Independent Alliance up 1 to 2.

    Labour is unchanged on 6, the Green Party, the Social Democrats and Solidarity-People Before Profit remain on 2 - while Renua is down 1 to 1 percent.

    The telephone poll of 1,000 voters was taken over the course of seven days, between Thursday April 19th and Thursday April 25th.



  • Fine Gael has opened up a strong lead over Fianna Fail in the latest opinion poll.

    The Sunday Times/Behaviour and Attitudes Survey shows a six point swing to the government party.

    It stands on 34 per cent while, Fianna Fail is on 21 per cent support.

    Sinn Fein split the two parties on 22 per cent support.

    The Sunday Times Politcal Editor, Stephen O' Brien says the Taoiseach has, in the past,  expressed caution about calling a snap election, based on good polling figures.

  • Sinn Féin and Fianna Fáil are neck and neck to win the general election according to the latest opinion poll.


    It has Mary Lou McDonald's party on 24 per cent - tied with Fianna Fáil and three ahead of Fine Gael.


    The Red C poll for the Business Post has Sinn Féin up 5 per cent to 24 per cent support. Overall Mary Lou McDonald's party has seen its support jump 13 per cent in Red C polls since November.


    It's neck and neck with Fianna Fáil, which is down 2 points to 24.


    Fine Gael now lies in third place with 21 per cent support, down two points on the last poll.


    This survey of 1,000 voters was taken in the six days up to last Thursday.


    It has the Greens on 7 per cent, Labour on 5 per cent, the Social Democrats with three, Aontu with two and Solidarity People Before Profit with 1% support.


    Independents and others have 13 per cent of the vote.

  • Forty-four per cent of people say they'll vote to repeal the 8th amendment, according to a new poll.

    That's a drop of three points since April but still 12 per cent more than the 32 per cent who say they'll vote no.

    The undecideds are at 17 per cent - a drop of three points, while 5 per cent say they won't vote.

    The Irish Times/Ipsos MRBI poll was carried out among 1200 people on Monday and Tuesday of this week.


  • The gap between Fine Gael and Fianna Fail has narrowed in the latest opinion poll.

    Support for the main opposition party is up 4 points to 25 per cent in the Sunday Times/ Behaviour and Attitudes survey.

    Fine Gael is down two to 32 per cent.

    Sinn Féin also drop two per cent to 20 per cent.

    Labour is up two at 5.

    While Solidarity People Before Profit are up 2 to 3 per cent, with the Green Party up one also on 3 per cent.

    No change for The Independent Alliance on 4 with Independents and Others dropping 2 to 8 per cent voter support.

  • There's good news for the Taoiseach in the latest political opinion poll.

    A Behaviour & Attitudes survey for the Sunday Times shows support for the Government is up five points to 46 percent while Leo Varadkar's personal satisfaction rating is up 2 points to 55 percent.

    The recent steady increase in support for Sinn Fein appears to have come to a halt, with the party unchanged on 24 percent and Mary Lou McDonald also static at 52 percent.

  • The Green Party's gaining ground after its strong result in the local and European elections.

    The latest Sunday Times/ Behaviour & Attitudes June Poll out today, shows the Greens are up 6 points to 11 per cent.

    It's bad news for Fine Gael, which has seen its support fall by 5 points to 23 per cent, while Fianna Fail's more popular with no change on 28 per cent.

    Not a great result either for Sinn Fein who are down 7 points to 12, while Labour's risen by a point to 5 per cent.

    900 eligible Irish voters aged 18 and took part in the survey, which was carried out from the 31st of May to the 11th of June.





  • There's been a jump in support for the Taoiseach and Fine Gael in today's opinion poll in the Sunday Independent.

    The Government party is backed by 38 per cent of the public, up six points since the last poll.

    Fianna Fail's down 1 to 28 per cent, while Sinn Fein are unchanged at 20.

    Labour has suffered a drop of 3 per cent to stand at 4 per cent , while Independents are at 11.

    A new Sunday Times / Behaviour and Attitudes Poll makes happy reading for Fine Gael.

    The party's support has risen again - up 4 points to 36 percent – that’s 11 points clear of their nearest rivals Fianna Fail.

    The paper's political editor Stephen O'Brien says the Taoiseach's approval rating has now reached 55 percent.

  • The latest political opinion poll brings good news for Fine Gael.

    The Red C Sunday Business Post poll shows the Government party ahead on 33 percent with Fianna Fail 9 points behind on 24.

    Sinn Fein's up 2 points to 16 percent.

    Renua and Solidarity PBP are both up 1 to 2 percent.

    The Independent Alliance drop to just 1 percent with Independents overall on 11.

    Labour's unchanged on 6 percent - the Green Party and Social Democrats are unchanged on 2 percent.

  • The latest political opinion poll has seen a sharp rise in support for Sinn Féin.

    Fine Gael's support has fallen significantly, while Fianna Fáil looks set to be the largest party in the next Dáil.

    This poll shows just 4 per cent separating the top three parties contesting this election.

    The Irish Times/Ipsos MRBI poll has Fianna Fáil unchanged as the largest party on 25% support.

    Fine Gael drop 6 points to 23 per cent

    While Sinn Féin is up 7 to 21% support - boosting Mary Lou McDonald's calls to be included in tomorrow night's leaders' TV debate.

    The Green Party has 8 per cent support with Labour on 5.

    The Social Democrats and Solidarity/People Before Profit have 2 per cent a piece.

    Independents and others hold 14 per cent in this poll of 1,200 adults which was carried out across every constituency last Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

    The margin of error is 2.8 per cent.

    Both Leo Varadkar and Micheál Martin have seen their personal satisfaction ratings fall since the last poll in October - the Taoiseach's dropping 16 per cent.

    While Mary Lou McDonald sees her satisfaction rating  rise to 34% - just a point behind Varadkar at 35%.



  • Leo Varadkar seems to be bearing the brunt of the recent controversies over the nurses' strike and the costings row for the National Children's Hospital.

    A Sunday Times Behaviour and Attitudes Poll out today shows his personal satisfaction rating below 40 percent for a second month in a row, behind Fianna Fail leader Micheál Martin on 43.

    The paper's Political Editor Stephen O'Brien says it's not a good result for the Taoiseach.

  • Most of the smaller parties have suffered a decline in support in the latest Red C/ Sunday Business Post opinion poll.

    Fine Gael remains the most popular party on 32 percent , with Fianna Fail support up 3 points to 29.

    Sinn Fein are down one to 14, Labour are unchanged at 6, while Independents are up one to 10.

  • A new opinion poll out today shows Micheál Martin's satisfaction rating is now higher than the Taoiseach's.

    It will make uncomfortable reading for Leo Varadkar, coming on the back of the Fine Gael Ard Fheis in Dublin.

    The Sunday Times / Behaviour & Attitudes poll puts Leo Varadkar down 4 points to 48 per cent while the Fianna Fáil leader is unchanged on 49.

  • Fine Gael's support has surged due to its handling of the Covid 19 pandemic, according to a new opinion poll.

    The Business Post/Red C poll has the party on 34 per cent - up 13 points.

    Sinn Fein is up three to 28 per cent, while Fianna Fail is down four to 18 per cent.

    The survey of a thousand voters was conducted online between Friday the 20th and Wednesday of this week.

  • Fine Gael would still top the poll in a general election.

    A Sunday Independent / Kantar Millward Brown poll taken between the 18th and 30th of April, gives the party 34 percent of the vote, ahead of Fianna Fail on 27 and Sinn Fein on 22.

    Labour and the Independent Alliance are both on 5 percent, The Greens on 3 percent, non-aligned Independents on 2, and Solidarity/People Before Profit on 1.