• Over 3 thousand complaints were made last year about public service providers, according to the latest Ombudsman report, with 98 complaints from Co Mayo, over 300 from Co Galway, 39 from Roscommon and 41 from Sligo.

    The highest amount of complaints were made against government departments, local authorities and the health and social care sectors.

    31% of complaints nationally related to Government Departments - the highest number were complaints about the Department of Social Protection, followed by the Dept of Agriculture.

    28% of complaints last year were in relation to local authorities - the biggest issues were housing and planning.

    Of these, 20 complaints were made about Mayo County Council, of which 3 were upheld.

    There were 46 complaints about Galway County Council and 48 in relation to Galway City Council.

    2017 was the first year the Ombudsman was permitted to deal with complaints from asylum seekers and refugees, and 115 complaints were received of which 9 were upheld.

    In relation to health, there were 538 complaints about the HSE - of which almost half were in relation to hospitals.

    Other complaints related to medical and GP cards, primary and community care and Tusla.

    The Ombudsman Peter Tyndall says there was also an increase in the number of complaints made against private nursing homes:


  • 75 complaints from Co Mayo were lodged with the Ombudsman's Office last year.

    The Office examines complaints from people who feel they're unfairly treated by organisations that deliver public services.

    The annual report for 2018 shows the Ombudsman received a total of 3,364 complaints in 2018 - with 75 from Mayo, 52 from Roscommon, 44 from Sligo and 236 from Co Galway.

    Overall, 31% of complaints related to Government Departments - with the Department of Social Protection and Revenue Commissioners topping the listd.

    26% of complaints related to Local Authorities, and 21% involved health and social care - these included complaints about hospitals, primary and community care and disability services.

    Complaints about the HSE were mostly related to medical cards, the Fair Deal nursing home scheme and drugs payment scheme