O'Malley Clan Gathering

  • The O'Malley Clan is holding the very first ever Virtual Clan Gathering on Sunday next.
    After 65 years of continuously gathering together each summer, 2020’s extraordinary events have led to the Clan finding an alternative way to rally.
    Granuaile, Grace O Malley was a brave innovator in her time, so taking her inspiration, the Clan will create a virtual gathering on Sunday.
    For more information see O’Malley Clan Association on Facebook

  • The first ever virtual O’Malley Clan Gathering will take place this afternoon at 4pm.

    The O’Malley Clan Gathering is an annual event which began over 65 years ago, however due to the current restrictions in place this year’s gathering will take place in a virtual capacity.

    The event will be broadcast from the home of Grace O’Malley on Clare Island and led by the Chieftain’s of the O’Malley Clan.

    Over the course of the hour, the gathering will take viewers on a cultural, historical and musical journey to celebrate the contribution of the O’Malley’s around the world.

    People can register to watch today’s event by logging on to www.omalleyclan.ie