michael Gallagher

  • Sports journalist Michael Gallagher says he is prepared to legally challenge Mayo GAA County Board’s decision to disqualify him form running for the position of PRO.

    Mayo GAA claim that Mr Gallagher was not a member of his club Ballycroy before the 31st of March 2019 and is therefore ineligible to run for a place on the county Board at this year’s AGM.

    Mr Gallagher claims that he was a member of his club from the beginning of the year and also claims that members have been elected to Mayo GAA County Board in the past, who were not members of their club.

    The Mayo GAA County's AGM is due to take place on the 12th of December and Mr Gallagher told Midwest Sport that he will seek an injunction to prevent it going ahead if he is not allowed to run for the position of PRO.

    Midwest Sport have contacted Mayo GAA’s PRO for comment on the situation but are still awaiting a response.

  • Sports journalist Michael Gallagher is back in the race for the position of PRO on Mayo GAA’s County Board.

    Mr Gallagher told Midwest News that he appreciates the response of Mayo GAA to the situation.

    He continued to say that Mayo GAA worked with his club Ballycroy to bring the matter to a close.

    Mr. Gallagher was previously told by the county board that his nomination had been rejected, as the board claimed he was not a member of his nominating club, Ballycroy by the March 31st deadline.

    He concluded by saying that he will move forward in the best interests of Mayo GAA.

    The outgoing PRO, Paul Cunnane, is seeking re-election but has also been nominated for the post of vice-chairman.

    Mayo GAA County Board will hold their elections for county board officials at their convention on the 12th of December.