Mercosur deal

  • More than 1,000 farmers will protest outside the Dáil today against the Mercosur deal.

    Bus loads of farmers are travelling from across the West for today's protest.

    The deal would see up to 99-thousand tonnes of beef enter the EU from South America every year - leading to concerns about its impact on Ireland's beef sector.

    In the Dáil today, Sinn Féin will call for the deal to be rejected while the Beef Plan group will protest outside. 

    The organisation's David Whelehan says the trade agreement would be a disaster for beef farmers and for rural Ireland.

  • Fianna Fail is accusing the government of "playing politics" over an economic impact report into the Mercosur trade deal.


    Under the agreement, 99,000 tonnes of beef will be imported into the EU from South America each year - a move that's been heavily criticised by Irish farmers.


    It'll be mid-2020 before an assessment into its economic impacts on Ireland will be complete, according to the Agriculture Minister.


    But Fianna Fail's Agriculture spokesperson, Charlie McConalogue, wants it published sooner

  • The Taoiseach and Agriculture Minister cannot ignore that protests that took place outside Dail Eireann yesterday by farmers over the Mercosur deal.

    That's according to Roscommon Fianna Fail TD Eugene Murphy, who asks - if the Government is serious about climate action- how can they justify this deal which he claims is band for the environment and for the suckler beef sector in Ireland.

    Deputy Murphy says Fianna Fail will be voting with Sinn Fein later today on their motion calling for the Mercosur deal to be rejected.

    Speaking to Midwest News, the Roscommon-Galway TD says the Government needs to take action to lessen the impact of this trade deal on rural Ireland...

  • Hundreds of farmers from Mayo, Galway, Sligo and Roscommon are in Dublin today to join a protest outside the Dail against the Mercosur deal.

    The trade deal would see up to 99-thousand tonnes of beef enter the EU from South America every year - leading to concerns about its impact on Ireland's beef sector.

    In the Dáil this afternoon, Sinn Féin will call for the deal to be rejected while the Beef Plan group will protest outside. 

    Conor Regan of the Mayo Beef Plan told Midwest News that the trade agreement will put further pressure on Ireland's beef farmers.


  • Midlands-Northwest MEP Mairead McGuinness has been re-elected First Vice-President of the European Parliament.

    The Fine Gael MEP secured over 93% of the votes in the European Parliament in Strasbourg yesterday evening.

    Mairead McGuinness, who topped the poll in the Midlands-Northwest constituency in the May elections, told Midwest News she was says honoured to be re-elected as First Vice-President of the Parliament, and delighted to receive the support of 93% of the Parliament.



  • Yesterday's Dail vote rejecting the EU / Mercosur trade deal is very significant, as it sends a strong message to the Government that Ireland must reject this deal.

    That's according to Midlands-Northwest Sinn Fein MEP Matt Carthy.

    The Sinn Fein, calling for the rejection of the Mercosur deal, was carried by 84 votes to 46, with Fianna Fail deputies backing the motion.

    On Wednesday, over 1,000 beef farmers demonstrated against the deal outside Leinster House.

    MEP Matt Carthy says this trade deal is a bad deal for Ireland, farmers and the environment, and he told Midwest News that the Dáil vote puts pressure now on the Irish Government to do all it can to stop this deal..

  • The agreement by the EU to allow for the importation of 100,000 tonnes of beef from South America through the Mercosur trade agreement is a disaster for farmers in this region. That’s the view of Mayo Fianna Fail deputy Dara Calleary.

    Irish beef farmers claim the draft deal with South American countries is "a sell out."

    It’s not yet clear whether Ireland will vote for the deal, or the impact, if any, on voting against it.

    Deputy Calleary this morning outlined his concerns about the deal to Midwest News.

  • A Midlands-Northwest MEP insists it is possible for the Irish Government to scrap the Mercosur deal.

    Today, the Dáil will vote on Sinn Féin's motion calling for the trade agreement to be rejected.

    Farmers strongly oppose the deal because of the amount of beef that would be allowed into the EU from South America, with thousands of farmers protesting outside the Dail yesterday to highlight their concerns.

    Sinn Féin MEP Matt Carthy says it will be possible for Ireland to 'kill' the agreement.


    Meanwhile, Roscommon-Galway Fianna Fáil TD Eugene Murphy says his party will support Sinn Féin's motion today.


  • The IFA will be intensifying its campaign against the Mercosur trade deal this week.  

    The farming organisation is holding a lobby session for all TDs and Senators today to build opposition to the deal.  

    As part of the campaign, IFA is highlighting the environmental damage done by beef production in Brazil with a slogan ‘One Burned Every Minute’, a reference to a recent BBC report which shows that the size of a football pitch in the rain forest is burned down every minute to clear ground for grazing and cattle ranching.

    Tomorrow IFA President Joe Healy will travel to Brussels to meet other farm leaders who are opposed to the deal. 

    Joe has been telling Midwest News today why he believes the Mercosur deal is bad for farmers, for the environment and for consumers and has been explaining why the IFA is raising its opposition campaign to it