Mayo Mountain Rescue

  • Mayo Mountain Rescue  say a total of 17 people were treated for a variety of injuries yesterday as 5,000 people climbed Croagh Patrick for Reek Sunday.

    Weather conditions were favourable for the annual pilgrimage, and helped in reducing the number of severe casualties.

    Cameron Clotworthy of Mayo Mountain Rescue told Midwest News this morning that the dry weather appears to have reduced the number of serious casualties on the holy mountain yesterday, compared to recent Reek Sundays.

  • Eight people have received medical treatment, following a busy day for mountain rescue volunteers on Croagh Patrick.

    Thousands of pilgrims have climbed the Reek today, as part of the annual pilgrimage.

    Between 9am and lunchtime, five people required medical treatment, and one man suffering from chest pains was airlifted to hospital by Aer Corps helicopter.

    Three women and two men required medical assistance this morning, for ankle injuries, dehydration and other minor injuries.

    Another three people were treated this afternoon -  a woman who suffered a knee injury, a man who suffered abrasions and a 12-year old child was treated for cuts after falling.

    All three were treated in the medical tent on the Reek, and were able to walk off the mountain.

    Weather conditions on the mountain were described as good for the annual pilgrimage, which was led this morning by the Archbishop of Tuam Michael Neary.

  • Volunteer members of Mayo Mountain Rescue responded to a total of 38 call-outs between March and October last year.

    Reek Sunday is treated as one call-out, with 17 incidents recorded on that day alone last year.

    As one of the busiest teams in the country, the Mayo Mountain Rescue Team needs to fundraise to meet its operating costs, and fund first-aid equipment and training courses for volunteers.

    The team is holding a fundraiser called "Moonlight in Mayo" on Saturday week next 23rd March.

    Members of the public taking part will be brought on a guided night-time 12 kilometre walk on the Letterkeen Loop.

    This is the third year of the Moonlight in Mayo event.

  • A man in his mid 70’s has died while climbing Croagh Patrick.

    Mayo Mountain Rescue came to the assistance of the man on the cone section of Croagh Patrick.

    Rescue 118 was also tasked to assist MMRT. Once the Coastguard helicopter’s paramedic was on scene, R118 positioned further team members and equipment to the location from the base at the back of the mountain.

    Mayo Mountain Rescue Team have extended their deepest sympathies to the family and friends of the deceased person.

    Earlier on Thursday Mayo Mountain Rescue assisted a woman who had sustained a lower leg and head injury on the descent from Croagh Patrick.

    MMRT tasked a first response and stretcher party to the location where they had made their own way down to, below the shoulder of the mountain, from the summit.

    The team stretchered the casualty down to the MMRT base at the back of the mountain to a waiting HSE ambulance. The casualty was transferred to Mayo University Hospital for further treatment.

  • A man in his sixties has died while climbing Mweelrea Mountain near Louisburgh this afternoon.

    The man who is believed to be from the Dublin area was with family members at the time.

    Emergency services attended the scene to assist in the rescue mission.

    His body is currently been taken to Mayo University Hospital for a post-mortem exam.

  • Mayo Mountain Rescue Team were tasked by An Garda Siochana on Wednesday afternoon to assist a female casualty who had sustained a lower leg injury while descending Croagh Patrick.

    A first response party was tasked from the Murrisk side to the casualty who was midway down the Murrisk side of the track.

    While en route to this casualty another female casualty was treated by the team for minor injuries and was able to continue down the track themselves.

    The first response party stabilized the lower leg injury of the first casualty with a splint and the team stretchered the casualty down to a waiting HSE ambulance for onward transfer to Mayo University Hospital for further treatment.

  • The Mayo Mountain Rescue Team was called out yesterday evening to assist a man suffering from suspected chest pain on Croagh Patrick.

    The team responded to a call from Gardai at about 5.40 pm to assist the casualty on the upper cone section of the Reek.

    The first response team treated the man at the scene and he was stretchered off the mountain using additional rope equipment to the back of Croagh Patrick where an ambulance was waiting to take him to Mayo University Hospital in Castlebar for further treatment.

    The Coastguard helicopter R118 also attended the scene, but had to return to base due to the weather conditions on the mountain.

    The Mayo Mountain Rescue Team was stood down at 10.40pm last night.





  • Mayo Mountain Rescue Team feature in a new television series on Virgin One TV tonight.

    The documentary series is called Rescue: River Deep Mountain High and is produced by  Goldhawk Media Ltd.

    It has been filmed over the last two years.

    The new series starts this evening (Tues) at 8.30 p.m.

    It follows the exploits of both Ireland and the UK’s voluntary rescue services across diverse landscapes as they rescue people in perilous situations.

    It provides an insight into the work of the volunteer rescue teams.

  • The Mayo Mountain Rescue Team were tasked by An Garda Síochána shortly after 4pm yesterday to assist Coastguard helicopter Rescue 118 with evacuation of a male casualty who had sustained a leg injury after falling on the descent from Croagh Patrick.

    A first response team were tasked to the location and a stretcher party to assist. MMRT assisted the R118 crew in transporting the casualty by stretcher to the helicopter for onward transport to Mayo University Hospital in Castlebar.

    The team were stood down at 7.30pm.

    Following this callout, MMRT were tasked by An Garda Síochána at 8.30pm to assist two walkers who had become disorientated in Wild Nephin/Ballycroy National Park while walking one of the trails. The two walkers required assistance in getting back to their vehicle in failing light.

    A first response team were tasked to locate the two walkers who had managed to reach one of the huts in the forest and were able to give their location in grid reference from the notice board in the hut. The Fist Response team made their way to them and brought them back to their vehicle.

    The team were stood down at 11pm last night.

  • Mayo Mountain Rescue Team will hold a fundraising event this Saturday night.

    ‘Moonlight in Mayo’ will take place on Saturday along the Letterkeen Loop between 5pm – 12 midnight.

    The event is being held to raise funds for first aid and training equipment for Mayo Mountain Rescue.

    The team is one of the busiest teams in Mountain Rescue Ireland with over 50 callouts on average per year and are facing an upsurge in demand for both first-aid equipment and medical and technical training for each member.

    The Letterkeen moonlight walk is a unique event, which is now in its second year, and brings participants on a guided walk.

    Further details and registration are available on the Mayo Mountain Rescue - Moonlight in Mayo Facebook page.

  • This weekend is the busiest of the year on Mayo's Holy Mountain, Croagh Patrick, with the annual Reek Sunday pilgrimage attracting large numbers of pilgrims from across the country and overseas.

    Order of Malta is urging those planning to climb the Reek to take the necessary precautions, in terms of wearing good footwear such as hiking boots, and being suitably equipped for all weather conditions - bringing rain gear and warm clothes as well as sun protection - along with water and snacks.

    Over 100 Order of Malta volunteers will be on duty this Sunday, along with the Mayo Mountain Rescue team, to support pilgrims.

  • A teenage boy was located safe and well, following a search operation last night on the Bangor Trail.

    Mayo Mountain Rescue was called in at about 7pm to assist in the search for the missing teenager who was walking the Letterkeen Loop.

    The team set up a base in the Letterkeen Loop car-park, and five search parties were sent out to walk sections of the loop and Bangor Trail.

    The 16-year old was located just after midnight on the Bangor Trail.

    It appears he got lost after missing a turn, and his phone battery died.

    The teenager was walked back with the team and medically checked out at the base.

    A spokesman for Mayo Mountain Rescue says he did not require further medical treatment

    The Coastguard  helicopter also assisted in last night's search.


  • Tuesday last was one of the busiest days in the history of the Mayo Mountain Rescue Team - with the exception of Reek Sundays.

    The team dealt with three separate call-outs to incidents on Croagh Patrick, between 11am and 7pm.


    With the exception of Reek Sundays - which take place on the last Sunday of July each year - Tuesday of this week was one of the busiest days ever for the Mayo Mountain Rescue team.

    It starts shortly before 11.30am when the mountain rescue team was alerted by Gardai and the Irish Coast Guard to come to the assistance of a man who had sustained a lower leg injury on Croagh Patrick.

    A first-response party attended to the casualty who was subsequently airlifted to Mayo University Hospital by the Coastguard for further treatment.

    While he was being airlifted by Rescue 118, the Mayo Mountain Rescue team was again tasked at about 2.40pm, again near the shoulder of Croagh Patrick.

    The first reponse team and stretcher team who were already on the mountain went to assist a second casualty who had also sustained a lower leg injury.

    He was treated and then stretchered down the Reek to the Murrisk side.

    A walker who was with a group on Croagh Patrick then advised of a 3rd casualty who required assistance, after being injured in a fall near the summit.

    He had managed to descend with the help of his group, but was suffering from exhaustion.

    A first-response team  treated him for his injury before assisting the casualty to walk down off the mountain.

    The Mountain Rescue Team were finally stood down at about 7pm Tuesday evening after a busy day - and it followed a busy weekend, with two callouts last Saturday - one of which included a complex rescue on steep ground.

    The voluntary organisation provides emergency cover 24 hours per day, 7 days a week on Mayo's hills and mountains.

    Up to 80% of call-outs annually are to Croagh Patrick.

  • The Mayo Mountain Rescue team was called out yesterday afternoon to assist a man who sustained a fall on the descent from Croagh Patrick.

    The casualty sustained arm injuries in the fall on the cone of the mountain, and was given first aid by the Mayo Mountain Rescue team first response party.

    He was then stretchered off the mountain to the Westport Order of Malta ambulance and transferred to hospital.

    It was the second call-out in two days, as on Sunday afternoon, shortly after 1.30, the team was tasked by Gardai to assist a person who sustained leg injuries while descending Croagh Patrick.

    An off-duty Emergency Medical Technician provided assistance and helped the casualty part of the way down on an improvised stretcher, before the mountain rescue team arrived and stretchered the injured person the rest of the way down.

  • Two people were rescued from Croagh Patrick in separate incidents yesterday evening.

    Shortly after 6pm, the Mayo Mountain Rescue Team was tasked by Gardai to assist a female who had sustained a lower leg injury while descending the mountain.

    The incident occurred just below the "shoulder" on the Murrisk side.

    While the team's first response party was en route, they found another female who required immediate medical assistance, which was provided by the first response team.

    The Coastguard helicopter was called to assist this second casualty who was airlifted to hospital for further treatment.

    The Mayo Mountain Rescue team's stretcher party continued to the first casualty, providing first aid and taking the woman by stretcher down to Murrisk to a waiting HSE ambulance.

    It was a busy evening for Mayo Mountain Rescue who thanked the Westport Coastguard Unit for their assistance on Croagh Patrick yesterday evening.


  • A Westport Councillor will climb Croagh Patrick backwards tomorrow in aid of Mayo Mountain Rescue.

    Fianna Fail Cllr Brendan Mulroy is undertaking the challenge to raise funds for the voluntary organisation.

    Last autumn Cllr Mulroy said he would undertake the challenge if Mayo won the All-Ireland Senior Football Final.

    Mayo didn’t get the result but Cllr Mulroy decided it would be a unique fundraising idea.

    People can still donate to the challenge via Cllr Mulroy’s Facebook page or by calling him directly on 087-9820542.

  • A woman was rescued from Croagh Patrick on Sunday afternoon last.

    Mayo Mountain Rescue were tasked to assist a female casualty on the mountain shortly before 4pm on Sunday.

    She had sustained a head injury in a fall.

    A first response team from Mayo Mountain Rescue assisted the injured woman and the Coastguard helicopter Rescue 118 also tasked.

    The woman was transferred by air for medical treatment to Mayo University Hospital.

    The rescue operation was stood down just before 5pm.