• 38 retired Mayo nurses on a return flight to Dublin, which was supposed to take off at 15:15 yesterday, are now on a ten hour journey to Munich airport from Krakow.

    The group has had to make arrangements with their travel company and pay for accommodation transportation and an additional flight to get home.

    Last night they were ferried between airports in Poland before being told that there would be no flight provided for them until next Thursday.

    Ryanair says it's offered refunds or a switch to the next available flight, with some passengers saying they were told it would be late as next Thursday.

    Kathleen Clarke is one of the nurses who are currently en route to Munich airport making the long journey home.

  • A group of 38 retired nurses from the Castlebar area finally arrived home last night, after their flight from Krakow in Poland was cancelled on Friday.

    The group had organised their annual trip with the Holiday Department, and were due to fly back to Dublin with Ryanair on Friday afternoon at 3.15 pm.

    However, they were still in the airport at midnight Friday night, and had to arrange their own hotel, at their own expense, before being transported by bus on Saturday to Munich in Germany.

    Again, they had to pay their own hotel and taxis, and they eventually flew back to Dublin with Aer Lingus yesterday, and arrived in Castlebar by bus at about 6 o'clock yesterday evening.

    Kathleen Clarke from Islandeady was one of the group, and told Midwest News this evening that it was a very traumatic experience, since arriving at Krakow airport on Friday.

    She also questioned Ryanair's explanation that the flight was cancelled due to fog, when other flights were arriving and departing at Krakow Airport throughout Friday.