Kathleen Chada

  • A woman whose two sons were murdered by their father in Mayo says the government isn't doing enough to protect women's lives.

    Kathleen Chada's 5 and 10 year old sons were found in murdered in their father's car at Rosbeg in Westport on 29 July 2013.

    Her former husband Sanjeev Chada, was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2014 after driving his sons across the country before murdering them at a secluded location in Mayo.

    It comes as new figures from a Woman's Aid report show 230 women have been killed in Ireland since 1996 - including 5 so far this year - while 16 children died alongside their mothers. mostly by someone they know.

    Ms Chada is now leading calls for more government support to help women at risk of "femicide".

  • A woman, whose sons were murdered by their father, says victims should not feel ashamed to talk about what's happened to them.

    Kathleen Chada's children Eoghan and Ruairi were found dead in Westport in 2014, after being strangled to death by their father Sanjeev Chada.

    She will be speaking at the Safe World Summit next month which highlights domestic violence and gender inequality.

    The summit takes place at the Mansion House on 22 and 23rd October.

    Kathleen Chada has campaigned for tougher sentences for perpetrators, and a tougher parole process.

    She also says engaging with people has helped her deal with her grief and she would like more victim advocates to speak out: