Home Care Packages

  • There are almost 400 people in Mayo at present awaiting a Home Care Package from the HSE west.

    329 of these people have been assessed and have qualified for a package, but the HSE say it has no monies to fund them, while a further 60 are awaiting assessment.

    A home care package allows a person to live at home rather than in an acute or district hospital, and often less than an hour a day is provided by home help to any one patient.

    Home help workers are paid just above the minimum hourly wage, and the Cathaoirleach of Castlebar Municipal District, Independent councillor Michael Kilcoyne, says the alternative to employing these workers is to pay thousands of euro a week for patient in hospitals.

    The Cathaoirleach told Midwest News today that it's likely to be 2020 now before the people who have qualified for the service in Mayo will receive it.

  • Close to three hundred people in Mayo are at present  either approved or waiting to be approved for a Home Care package but remain without it, and as a result many of them are languishing in hospital beds when they want to be at home.

    This figure was confirmed by Tony Canavan , Chief Officer for Community Healthcare West, at this week’s HSE West Forum in Merlin Park, in response to a question from Independent Castlebar Councillor Michael Kilcoyne.

    The Councillor says that 300 patients would fill a small hospital and he said it astounds him that the HSE can continue to argue that they don’t have the funding to provide the home care needed by applicants who qualify for the service, while many of the same patients remain in hospital beds costing up to 8,000 euro a week.

    The cost of a home care package in comparison would be in the hundreds of euros.