Heuston station

  • This morning's train disruption is one of the worst Irish Rail has ever experienced.

    Over 20 thousand passengers were delayed when services were suspended at Heuston Station.

    The signalling system - which ensures the safe movement of trains - suffered a major fault shortly before 6am - and all trains in and out of the station were suspended for a time.

    Services resumed after a temporary manual signalling system was put in place.

    The Westport and Galway services are operating, but there were some knock-on delays this morning.

  • There are no trains operating into or out of Heuston Station in Dublin this morning, due to a major signalling fault.

    All Intercity services are affected-  including services on the Mayo and Galway routes.

    Irish Rail says efforts are underway to resolve the problem, but it's not known how long it will take.

    Thousands of rail passengers are affected.