green list

  • There's fresh doubt over whether there will be a travel green list after an intervention by the Tánaiste.

    The Cabinet is meeting this evening to finalise details of a travel green list, but Leo Varadkar has questioned whether there should be a list, if the government is still going to advise people not to travel to these countries.


  • The Government last night published its 'green list' of 15 countries, which have a similar or lower level of Covid-19 than Ireland.

    People arriving to Ireland from these countries will not have to restrict their movements for 14 days, and the list will be reviewed every fortnight.

    It does not include Spain, France or Portugal - which are the most popular holiday locations for the Irish.

    The countries on the green list are: Malta, Finland, Norway, Italy, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Cyprus, Slovakia, Greece, Greenland, Gibraltar, Monaco and San Marino.

    In a statement, the Government said the pandemic is not over and the safest thing to do is not to travel.

    It Government also said it will continue with plans to strengthen the measures for monitoring passengers arriving into Ireland and processes will be explored to restrict flight or passenger travel in certain circumstances.

    The National Public Health Emergency Team advice remains against all non-essential foreign travel, regardless of whether a country is on the 'green list' or not.

    Ballygar-based GP Dr Martin Daly, a former president of the Irish Medical Organisation, says the list is not a good idea, as it sends out mixed messages....

  • The new "green list" for international travel is coming into effect tomorrow morning.

    Only travelers to or from Cyprus, Finland, Latvia and Liechtenstein will able to travel to Ireland without having to restrict their movements on return.

    These countries have an infection rate of less than 25 per 100,000.



    The announcement of the green list of countries it's safe to travel to has been delayed.

    It comes as a summit of EU leaders runs into its fourth day in Brussels, with slow progress in talks over a budget and pandemic rescue package worth a combined 1.8 trillion euro.

    EU leaders have been in negotiations since Friday to decide on the EU's budget for the next seven years and what form a 750 billion euro pandemic recovery fund will take.

    There's division over whether it should be made up of grants or loans and what conditions are attached.

    There was some progress yesterday.

    A new revised plan has replaced 50 billion euro in grant aid with loans, with the headline figure of 750 billion unchanged.

    The ongoing talks in Brussels mean a meeting of Cabinet here today will now be delayed.

    It was expected that ministers here would sign off on a greenlist of countries it's safe to travel to at the Cabinet meeting.

    However that's now set to take place later this week.

  • Ryanair has welcomed the outcome of the High Court case it took against the state over travel restrictions.

    The airline had tried to claim the rules were unlawful - but the court found in the government's favour.

    But Ryanair says the court has now confirmed there's no legal requirement to restrict your movement for 14 days after travelling from a country that's not on the green list.

    It's calling on the government to immediately adopt the EU's new traffic light system, which would allow unrestricted travel between Ireland and 15 countries.


  • The government will review the travel greenlist on Thursday.

    The list of countries it's safe to travel to hasn't been updated since last month.

    The new criteria will mean countries with a COVID incident rate of less than 25 cases per 100,000 will be on the list.

    That would mean countries Germany, Poland, Iceland, Lithuania, Finland and Sweden would be added to the travel list on today's figures.