Galway RNLI

  • Aran Islands RNLI responded to consecutive calls for help today, carrying out two medical evacuations.

    The volunteer crew were first asked to launch their all-weather lifeboat David Kirkaldy, at 11.25am by the Irish Coast Guard.

    An elderly man required medical attention on the Island of Inis Meáin.

    The lifeboat launched under Coxswain Pete Hanscombe and a full crew. 

    Weather conditions were moderate at the time with a force 3 light South East wind.

    Once alongside the pier in Inis Meain, the patient was transferred safely aboard the lifeboat and brought under the supervision of the volunteer crew members.

    While preparing to leave the pier in Inis Meain, the lifeboat received another call, this time to go to the aid of a woman on Inis Mór who was also in need of further medical attention. 

    The lifeboat headed straight for Inis Mór and once alongside the Pontoon, the patient was transferred safely aboard and put under the supervision of the lifeboat crew.

    The lifeboat then proceeded on to Rossaveal harbour where the crew transferred the patients on to a waiting ambulance. 

  • A man has died after an accident on a fishing boat in Galway Bay earlier today.


    He was taken from the vessel by the RNLI in an unresponsive condition this afternoon between Blackrock and Silverstrand.


    Paramedics met him at Galway Docks and rushed him to University Hospital Galway, where he was pronounced dead.


    Gardaí have notified the Health and Safety Authority of a workplace accident.

  • Galway RNLI Lifeboat  was called to rescue a person who entered the water at O’Brien’s Bridge in Galway city yesterday(Mon).

    The gardai, ambulance crew and the Fire Brigade’s River Rescue all attended the scene just before 2pm.

    The person was taken from the water further downstream at Wolfe Tone Bridge by the fire brigade crew and brought to Galway University Hospital.

    The Galway RNLI Lifeboat crew had a busy few days, as on Saturday last they rescued four people who became trapped in the rising tide between Hare Island and Ballyloughan Beach on the east side of Galway city.

    The group were walking back from Hare Island at about 4.30 pm on Saturday - unaware of the dangers of crossing the causeway on a flood tide. A member of the public spotted the group in difficulty and dialled 999. One of the group was ahead of the others and was in water up to his chest while the other three were in water almost up to their hips and straying dangerously away from the causeway. 

    The Irish Coastguard requested the immediate assistance of Galway Lifeboat who launched form Galway Docks at 4.37pm, arriving at the scene within minutes. Two Lifeguards working at Ballyloughan Beach also assisted in the rescue, relaying information to the Coastguard and crew. The lifeboat crew plucked the four people out of the water and transported them back to Galway Docks lifeboat station. They did not require medical assistance.

    The two men and two women who were in their mid- twenties are not from the local area. Mike Swan, Galway Lifeboat Operations Manager, says the group did not realise the danger they were in. He is urging visitors to pay heed to signposts and warnings about tides when visiting Galway’s beaches and waterways this summer and always.

  • The Galway RNLI Lifeboat launched twice yesterday to assist in two separate search and rescue operations on the river Corrib,  with the assistance of the Galway Fire Brigade and Galway Gardai.


    The Irish Coastguard alerted the emergency services after a young woman was seen entering the water at O’Brien’s Bridge at about 2.30pm yesterday afternoon.

    The Galway Lifeboat crew recovered the casualty at the entrance to Lough Atalia.

    The young woman was taken on board the lifeboat by three women volunteer crew who performed CPR and administered first aid.

    She was then transferred to hospital by ambulance, but was later pronounced dead.


    Yesterday evening at about 7.30, the Galway lifeboat, fire service and Gardai were alerted to two women in the water at Wolfe Tone Bridge.

    One woman had entered the water, and a second woman went to her assistance with a lifebuoy ring.

    The Galway Lifeboat volunteer crew and Fire Brigade personnel helped the two women out of the water, taking the casualty onboard where they administered first aid. The woman was transported to the Lifeboat station where paramedics were waiting.

    It's understood neither woman sustained serious injuries.













  • Galway RNLI Lifeboat was called to assist the crew of a local fishing boat which got into difficulty on Galway Bay this afternoon.

    The alarm was raised at lunchtime by a man on board the boat which was located at the time between Blackrock and Silverstrand.

    The Irish Coastguard tasked Galway lifeboat to the scene and on arrival the lifeboat crew took the casualty on board and brought him back to Galway Docks. The injured man was then brought by ambulance to University Hospital Galway.

     The lifeboat crew on this call out were Helmsman Martin Oliver, Brian Niland, Lisa McDonagh and Declan Killilea.

  • A man whose yacht got into difficulty on Galway Bay this morning  has been rescued by the Galway RNLI Lifeboat.

    The yacht was sailing from Barna to Ballyvaughan when the forestay (stay) broke and the mast crashed onto the deck.

    The man, who was alone on the yacht, contacted the Coast Guard who sought the assistance of Galway Lifeboat at about 9.27am.

    The Lifeboat launched from Galway Docks within minutes and located the yacht  off Furbo.

    The lifeboat crew took the man on board and towed the yacht to Spiddal.



  • A kite surfer is safe after he got into trouble in Galway Bay.

    He was rescued from an island late yesterday.

    The kite surfer was on the sea in Galway Bay when he got into difficulty between Hare Island and Rabbit Island off Ballyloughan beach at around 5 o'clock yesterday evening.

    The man in his early 30s set off from the beach - a member of the public spotted him in trouble as the tide was going out and raised the alarm.

    The Coastguard asked the Galway RNLI lifeboat to come to his aid.

    He came off the board a number of times, became heavily fatigued and was blown onto Rabitt Island where he was rescued by the lifeboat.

    The man who was not from the area was wearing a wetsuit but not a lifejacket.

    The RNLI says a key factor when taking to the water for any water sports activities is a knowledge of the local tides and wind direction.

  • A man has died after being taken from the water at Galway city docks early this morning.

    Gardaí, emergency services and the RNLI lifeboat attended the scene at 5.45 am. 

    The RNLI lifeboat crew was tasked to take the man's body from the water, he was brought to University Hospital Galway where he was pronounced dead.

    Gardaí say there will be a post-mortem examination later today and they are in the process of trying to identify the man.

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    Galway RNLI Lifeboat rescued a man who got into difficulty after his dinghy capsized on Galway Bay this afternoon.

    The incident happened off Hare Island shortly before 1pm.

    A member of the public saw the man was unable to right the 15 foot vessel and notified the Irish Coastguard who requested the assistance of the RNLI lifeboat.

    Galway Lifeboat launched from Galway Docks at 1.15pm and located the man as he was swimming towards the shore.

    He was cold and shook and the Lifeboat crew brought him to the station and administered first aid. He recovered a short time later and did not need to be hospitalized.

    The Lifeboat retrieved the dinghy and towed it safely back to Galway Docks, ending the rescue operation at 2.15pm.

    The volunteer Lifeboat crew on this callout were Dave Oliver, John O’Sullivan, Ros Forde and Kenneth Kitterick.  

    Deputy Launch Authority Barry Heskin advises members of the public to dress adequately for the weather conditions and to always notify a family member or friends of expected time of arrival.

  • An event will take place in County Galway tonight to honour people who've died at sea.


    Claddagh Watch's remembrance ball is raising funds for charities like itself and the RNLI and Galway East Life Support in Ballinasloe.


    Claddagh Watch co-founder Séamus Ó Fátharta says they're among many groups that are trying to save lives on the water:

  • The search is resuming this morning for a man missing off Salthill in Galway.

    The 40 year old man got into difficulty off Blackrock just before 5 o'clock yesterday evening.

    The RNLI, the Irish Coastguard's Rescue 115 helicopter, Galway Fire Brigade and Gardaí have all been involved in the operation.

  • Three young German tourists were rescued from Hare Island on Galway Bay this afternoon  by the Galway RNLI Lifeboat.

    The three students got trapped on the island after the tide came in shortly before 12.30pm.

    A person on the shore spotted the tourists in difficulty and rang 999.

    Galway Lifeboat was tasked to the scene and arrived within ten minutes.

    The three young German students were completely surrounded by water and were assisted into the lifeboat by the RNLI volunteer crew. They were transported back to Galway Docks in the city, where they were staying.

    An RNLI spokesperson said they did not require medical assistance.


  • Two people cut off by the high tide near Blackrock on Galway Bay today have been rescued by Galway RNLI Lifeboat.

    A man and a woman, had walked out to Seaweed Point between Blackrock and Silverstrand when the spring tide took them by surprise and submerged their access back.

    A member of the public raised the alarm and the Irish Coastguard immediately sought the assistance of Galway RNLI Lifeboat who launched at 4.43pm.

    In the meantime, unaware that the lifeboat was on its way, one of the two took the decision to swim ashore to call for help. He was met at the shore by a member of the Lifeboat shorecrew and confirmed there was another person still stranded, which was relayed to the lifeboat.

    Upon arrival, a lifeboat crew member searched the area, located the other casualty who was sheltering from the winds, and took her onboard the lifeboat. Both were brought back to the Lifeboat Station at Galway Docks where they were assessed. They did not require medical attention.

    Deputy Launch Authority Paul Carey says: “We would never recommend anyone to attempt to swim ashore. If people do get caught in circumstances like this they should remain on land and not attempt to swim ashore until the rescue services arrive.

    The crew on this call out were Helmsman Dave Badger, Brian Niland, Dave McGrath and Ross Forde.

  • Volunteer lifeboat crews from the Aran Islands and Galway RNLI participated in a multi-agency training exercise on Galway Bay this week.

    The all-weather lifeboat from Aran Islands RNLI and the inshore lifeboat from Galway Bay RNLI were among the many emergency service agencies that took part in a maritime mass rescue exercise.

    The scenario training which saw the lifeboat crew practise an evacuation of survivors from a seagoing ferry in a busy shipping lane, was organised as part of a multi-agency exercise coordinated by the Irish Coast Guard.

    Among the other agencies involved were the Irish Coast Guard rescue helicopters located at Sligo and Shannon, Doolin/Inisheer Boat Unit, Costello Bay, Killaloe, Kilkee and Cleggan Coast Guard units, Galway Fire Service and the HSE.


  • A young man was rescued from the river Corrib by members of the emergency services in Galway in the early hours of this morning following a major rescue operation involving the Galway RNLI Lifeboat, Galway Fire Brigade, Galway Gardai, the HSE and the Irish Coastguard.

    The young man got into difficulty in a canal beside the river at about 3.30am.

    The Gardai and Galway Fire Brigade arrived on the scene and during the rescue operation both the fire personnel and the casualty ended up going down the canal and entering the fast flowing river Corrib.

    They made their way down to the Spanish Arch under O’Brien’s Bridge and Wolfe Tone Bridge, where the lifeboat was on standby and recovered the casualty.

    The lifeboat ferried the young man back to the station where three ambulances were waiting. He was administered first aid and transported to Galway University Hospital.

    Mike Swan, Galway RNLI Lifeboat Operations Manager, says: “It was a lengthy and difficult rescue and all services should be commended for their quick response and help in rescuing this young man and bringing him to safety. It was a great result.”

    “We would encourage all members of the public to respect the water at all times regardless of their activity. Be wary of all edges around the sea and watersides. Slips and falls happen in all locations.”