farmer protest

  • A farmers protest is continuing for a second day in Dublin - disrupting traffic and public transport in the city centre.

    The independent group of farmers organising the protest had insisted yesterday that they meet with the Agriculture Minister Michael Creed.

    Without prior notification, Minister Creed came out to talk to farmers for about 10 minutes early this morning - and he later met in the Department with a deputation of 5 people who handed over a letter with their demands.

    Getting injunctions against two farmers lifted following the recent beef protests, and getting the Beef Taskforce back up and running are among the main issues.

    Until those demands are met, farmers intend to continue with their protest.

  • Farmers from across the West will make their way to Dublin again next Wednesday for a tractor protest in the city centre.

    Individual farmers are taking the action to again highlight the poor prices being paid for beef, compared to prices in the UK, and say enough progress is not being made at the Beef Task Force meetings.

    The tractor protest will get underway at 2pm on Wednesday in Merrion Square, and is being supported by a number of farming organisations.

    Ballyhaunis-based farmer Enda Lyons says that this protest will be bigger than the one that brought traffic to a standstill in Dublin before Christmas, with over 400 farmers expected

  • As the farmers protest continues in the capital, a Roscommon TD is calling for the Beef Market Taskforce to be reconvened, as a matter of urgency.

    Independent TD Michael Fitzmaurice is calling on the chair of the taskforce Michael Dowling and the Agriculture Minister Michael Creed to resolve the issues which are preventing the taskforce from meeting.

    Given the extent to which Irish beef is being promoted globally to attract new markets, Deputy Fitzmaurice says it's imperative that all stakeholders are brought back to the table, and for that to happen, all injunctions against farmers need to be lifted.