• A Canadian man, whose houseboat washed ashore near Belmullet three years ago, has been located in Vancouver. 

    The solar powered enabled craft washed up on Drum Beach in 2016.

    It has emerged that the man responsible for building the boat, Rick Small, lives in Western Canada.

    He told Canadian TV he built the boat to raise awareness of climate change and had planned to sail from Newfoundland around the Arctic in it. 

    But when he could not secure the right motor to assist with the voyage, he gave the boat away. 

    It appears to have come loose from its moorings and was then washed all the way across the Atlantic, over a few months in 2016. 

    Mr Small said he was surprised to see it had made it to Ireland relatively intact.  

    The 10 metre long vessel was made with driftwood and had sheets of polystyrene fitted to its hull, to assist with floatation. 

    After it was taken from the sea by Mayo County Council, it was moved inland and repair work was carried out on it in the months that followed. 

    The vessel has been rebuilt by Michael S. Togher to what he thought it looked like when it left Newfoundland.

    A biodiversity garden has been built in the village of Binghamstown and the houseboat is the centrepiece of the garden.

    Michael S told Midwest News today that overall it’s an extraordinary story.