Divorce Referendum

  • The Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan has welcomed the landslide result in the referendum on divorce.

    The vote passed by 82 percent to 18 in support of easing restrictions on divorce and recognising foreign divorces.

    Minister Flanagan says he is very pleased that the proposal received such widespread support from the people of Ireland.



  • The Government says the public is now beginning to tune into what is at stake for Friday's referendum.

    Voters will be asked whether or not they want the separation period for divorces to be reduced.

    Currently a married couple must live apart for four out of the last five years before applying for a divorce.

    Culture Minister Josepha Madigan believes the public is well-informed.



  • Voting is underway in the 2019 Local and European Elections and on the Divorce Referendum.

    In Mayo there are 238 polling stations open today to accommodate more than 104,000 voters.

    Polling stations opened at 7am nationally this morning and will remain open until 10pm tonight.

    Voters will be presented with three ballot papers when they enter polling booths in Mayo today.

    One ballot paper to choose the councillors they want to represent them in their local electoral area – the local election ballot paper, a second on the divorce referendum, and a third to select the MEPs to represent them in Europe in this constituency of the Midlands Northwest.

    Mayo County Registrar Fintan Murphy told Midwest News today that voters do no need a polling card to vote and advised voters with or without polling cards to bring a form of identification with them when voting.