• The number of Covid 19 cases across Connaught counties yesterday were on the rise.

    There were 17 new cases of the virus confirmed in Mayo, 21 in Galway, 9 in Leitrim, 8 in Sligo and less than 5 new cases in county Roscommon.

    The Health Protection Surveillance Centre was notified yesterday of 10 additional deaths related to Covid-19 nationally. 7 of those deaths occurred in April, 1 in March, 1 in February and 1 in January.

    617 new cases of the virus were confirmed yesterday in the Republic.

    16 Local Electoral Areas (LEAs) nationally have had less than five cases of Covid 19 over a two-week period that ended on Monday last (19th April) and they include LEAs in Mayo, Galway and Kerry.

    While two local electoral areas in Dublin have Covid-19 incidence rates of three times the national average.

    On Monday last, the country's 14-day incidence rate was 132 cases per 100,000 people.

    But there was a huge variation in cases around the country during the previous two weeks.

    Ongar LEA in Dublin had the highest rate - at 441, well over three times the national average.

    The next worst was Ballymun-Finglas, elsewhere in the capital, at 387.

    Other badly hit areas include Donegal - where Buncrana, Milford and Letterkenny LEAs all had incidence rates of over 300.

    Two areas in Co Kildare also had rates of over 300 - they are Newbridge and Kildare LEA.


  • With close to 400 new cases of Covid 19 confirmed nationally yesterday, 12 of these cases were in county Galway.

    The acting Chief Medical Officer has expressed concern at the increasing levels of Covid-19 in Donegal, Louth, and Waterford.

    Dr. Ronan Glynn says it's vital people in all counties do all they can to break the chains of transmission over the next 7 days.

    Yesterday saw the highest daily number of new coronavirus cases since mid-May - 396 were confirmed, bringing the weekend total to 670.

    The number of cases now confirmed in Galway stands at 595, 626 cases in Mayo, 385 in Roscommon, 165 in Sligo and 111 in Leitrim

    Trinity College Dublin Immunology professor, Dr. Rachel McLoughlin, says people need to act.

  • The Health Protection Surveillance Centre has today been notified of 16 additional deaths related to COVID-19. Of the deaths reported today, 14 occurred in November, 1 in October and 1 remains under investigation.

    As of midnight last night (9th November)  270 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 have been reported in the Republic. 

    Of the cases notified today, 82 are in Dublin, 21 in Donegal, 18 in Roscommon, 17 in Limerick, 17 in Tipperary and the remaining 115 cases are spread across 20 other counties.


  • The Health Minister Simon Harris is to meet representatives of Nursing Homes later today as concerns intensify about the number of cluster cases of Covid-19 in nursing homes.

    There are 17 cluster of cases in nursing home now across the country.

    The latest figures show nationally 2,615 confirmed cases of Covid 19 with 46 deaths.

    Health officials say we still haven't hit a peak in cases.

    The HSE says it's planning for the peak to come around April 10th to 14th.

    26 people in county Mayo have now been diagnosed with Covid-19, 68 in Galway, 10 in Roscommon and 12 in Sligo.

  • Minister for Health Simon Harris has warned that allowing complacency to set in, in efforts to combat Covid-19, could be disastrous and potentially fatal.

    In a video message on Twitter, the Minister says the progress made by the Irish people could be undone.

    Testing of staff and residents in nursing home will continue this week as the focus remains on extinguishing and preventing outbreaks in long term residential care.

    There are encouraging signs that the situation in Ireland is stabilising.

    Hospital admissions fell for the third day in a row yesterday and ICU admissions remain relatively stable.

    However, latest figures show 610 people have now died in the Republic from Covid 19, while there are more than 15 thousand confirmed cases.
    39 people with the virus died yesterday, 2 of those deaths were in the west.

    The number of confirmed cases of the virus in Mayo now stands at 312, in Galway there are 283 cases, and 76 confirmed cases in both Sligo and Roscommon.

    As of 8pm on Saturday evening last there were 27 patients with confirmed Covid 19 at Mayo University Hospital with a further 18 patients with suspected cases of the virus.


  • There are 881 patients with Covid-19 in acute hospitals nationally, as well as 448 suspected cases.

    A Health Service Executive acute hospitals operational report, secured by RTE,  shows that the hospitals with the largest number of confirmed cases are in Dublin.

    Of the 448 suspected Covid-19 cases, there are 32 in Galway University Hospital and 30 in  Mayo University Hospital.

    These 448 patients - 'suspected cases' - were awaiting swab test results up to yesterday.

  • There are 34 confirmed cases of Covid-19 being treated at present at Mayo University Hospital,and further 13 suspected cases are being treated at the facility

    The Castlebar hospital remains the seventh highest nationally for hospitalised cases of the virus.

    Two confirmed cases and one suspected case are in critical care.

    There are seven vacant critical beds at MUH toady and 35 vacant general beds. These figures were released by the HSE at 8pm last night.

    The number of confirmed Covid-19 cases in Mayo jumped by 40 over 24 hours yesterday. Mayo remains the Connaught county with the highest incidents of confirmed cases, standing at 435 today, followed by Galway with 332 , Roscommon 116 and 104 cases in Sligo.

    The National Public Health Emergency Team are expected to announce the latest figures in the Republic again, later this evening

  • The country recorded its highest daily increase in Covid-19 deaths yesterday, with 43 more patients dying. 4 of those deaths were in the west of the country

    It brings the death toll to 486, while there are now over 13,200 confirmed cases.

    In Mayo the number of confirmed cases now stand at 249, in Galway its 260, in Sligo 66, Roscommon 57

    However, the encouraging development is that new modelling suggests Covid-19 has reached a plateau here, and the virus has been suppressed.

    However, there's a warning relaxing restrictions on travel and work after May 5th could see the infection begin to grow again.

    The HSE will lay out its plans today on the measures it is taking to counter the spread of the coronavirus in nursing homes and long-stay residential settings.

    More than 300 of the 486 deaths from Covid-19 in this country so far, have occurred in such community settings.

    Chief Medical Officer Dr Tony Holohan said all efforts now need to be on focused on extinguishing the disease in these settings. 

    There have been outbreaks in 254 community settings including clusters in 163 nursing homes.

    According to the Health Protection Surveillance Centre, a Covid-19 cluster is two or more cases in a setting within a 72-hour period.

  •  5 additional deaths related to COVID-19 have been reported to the Department of Health over the past 24 hours

    As of midnight last night (8th December) 227 new confirmed cases of the virus were confirmed.

    Of the cases notified today - 70 are in Dublin, 26 in Donegal, 19 in Limerick,14 in Louth, 14 in Kilkenny and the remaining 84 cases are spread across 17 other counties. 

  • The number of people in hospital with Covid-19 came down last night from 234 to 214 while the number of patients in intensive care remained at 30.

    Of the 214 confirmed cases in hospitals across the country, there are 5 being treated at Mayo University Hospital, 10 at University Hospital Galway and 2 in both Sligo University and Portiuncla Hospitals.


  • The Health Protection Surveillance Centre has today been notified of 8 additional deaths related to COVID-19 in the Republic.

    As of midnight last night (Thurs), the HPSC has been notified of 330 new confirmed cases of the virus. 

    Of the cases notified today 99 are in Dublin, 28 in Cork, 26 in Louth, 25 in Meath, 21 in Donegal and the remaining 131 cases are spread across 20 other counties. 


  • The Department of Health has today been notified of 8 additional deaths related to COVID-19.

    As of midnight last night (Monday) 329 new confirmed cases of the virus were detectyed in the Republic.

    Of the cases notified today 86 are in Dublin, 41 in Louth, 34 in Donegal, 25 in Limerick, 17 in Kildare and the remaining 126 cases are spread across another 20 counties.

  • There have been 13 covid related deaths reported to the Health Protection Surveillance Centre today.

    As of midnight last night (Monday) 970 new cases of the virus were confirmed in the Republic. 

    Of the cases notified today - 348 are in Dublin, 60 in Limerick, 59 in Cork, 59 in Wexford, 55 in Louth, 40 in Galway and the remaining cases are spread across 19 other counties. 

    Dr. Tony Holohan, Chief Medical Officer, Department of Health, said: “The current trajectory of the disease in the community is of grave concern.  In the last seven days to midnight Monday, we have reported 4,478 cases, an increase of more than 110% over the preceding week. In the last 5 days, we have seen extraordinary growth in the incidence of the virus across the country, significantly increasing the level of risk associated with the kind of inter-generational mixing that is normally experienced over the Christmas holidays. To protect ourselves, our families and our vulnerable loved ones in particular, further economic and social restrictions will begin to be introduced from Christmas Eve. It is up to each one of us to rethink our plans for this Christmas period, especially when it comes to visiting older or more medically vulnerable family members and friends.


  • The Health Protection Surveillance Centre has today been notified of 8 additional deaths related to Covid-19.

    Of the deaths notified today 3 occurred in May, 2 occurred in March and 3 occurred in February or earlier.


    As of midnight last night (Wed) 393  new cases of the virus were confirmed in the Republic.

    There were no new cases in Mayo or Sligo, less than 5 new cases of the virus in Leitrim, and 9 new cases in both counties Roscommon and Galway.

  • While Public Health won’t allow a hundred supporters into a vast venue like Croke Park for a match, at the same time it insists that its safe for 125 pupils in a school with a covid outbreak to reopen today, where pupils and staff attend 5 days a week, 6 hours a day, and that is not logical, according to the Principal of Claremorris Boys NS.

    Speaking to Midwest News Mark Loftus says the Dept of Education has instructed their school to reverse the decision on Thursday evening last to close because of an outbreak of Covid 19, insisting they open again this morning.

    A dozen students have tested positive for the virus in the past number of weeks, however, Health officials did not support the Principal’s and Board of Management’s difficult decision to close the school, last Thursday until January 5th.

    Apart from the 12 confirmed cases of the virus in the school, the Claremorris  electoral area is currently experiencing a very high level of Covid cases.

    Mr Loftus says his efforts to reason with Public Health and the Department of Education and Skills has fallen on deaf ears.

    Speaking to Midwest News ahead of this morning’s reopening, he said he will reluctantly re-open today to acknowledge the Department directive but, also respects and fully support the decision of parents to keep their children home until after Christmas holidays

    Mayo Sinn Féin TD, Rose Conway-Walsh has expressed deep concern about the lack of clarity and supports from the Department of Education in addressing the challenges presented by the virus in the school.

    She has commended the huge collective efforts made by the Board of Management, Principal, teachers, parents association and parents in ensuring the health and wellbeing of children in the Claremorris area is protected.

    However, she says removing, the autonomy of all local decision makers without proper consultation is not acceptable.

    Speaking to Midwest News this morning the deputy said that this "heavy handed" approach by the Department needs to be replaced with respect and effective local engagement.

  • A leading cancer doctor says protecting the sick and infirm from covid-19 should be enough reason to cancel the St Patrick's Day Parade.


    Professor John Crown says evidence from China shows cancer patients and survivors have the highest rates of critical illness if infected.


    Four people were confirmed to have tested positive for the virus on the island yesterday -- three in the North and one in the Republic.


    He says it's not good enough for authorities to say a bout of covid-19 is a mild illness for most.

  • A Castlebar travel agent is calling for clarification from Government in relation to travel restrictions during Covid-19.

    It comes as Ireland West Airport Knock has reopened today, after a 3-month closure due to the pandemic.

    However, while Ryanair has resumed a number of flights today from both Knock and Shannon Airports, passengers must still quarantine for 14 days on arrival into Ireland.

    The State's Chief Medical Officer Dr Tony Holohan is advising against overseas holidays this Summer, amid fears it could lead to additional cases of Covid-19 being imported into this country.

    The Department of Foreign Affairs is also advising against all non-essential overseas travel.

    But Dr Jack Lambert, a professor of medicine at the Mater Hospital in Dublin said today that he believes it is safe for people to go on holidays, provided they take appropriate precautions, such as wearing face masks and practicing social distancing and good hand hygiene.

    At present, there is a legal requirement for passengers arriving into the country to fill in a form saying where they intend to self-isolate for two weeks remains in place.

    But the Government has said it is considering whether to introduce so-called "air bridges" between Ireland and other countries where the incidence of Covid-19 is low.

    The move would mean those arriving into Ireland from those countries would no longer be expected to self-isolate, but such an announcement has not yet been made.

    Travel agents are now calling on the Government for clarity on the current Covid-19 travel restrictions

    Emma Kilkelly, from Kilkelly Travel in Castlebar told Midwest News that mixed messages have been emerging in recent weeks, and clear instructions are now needed from Government for customers and for the travel industry.....

  • The number of people with confirmed cases of Covid 19, who have died at Mayo University Hospital and other HSE facilities across county Mayo since the start of the pandemic are figures sought for many weeks now by the Cathaoirleach of Castlebar Municipal District Michael Kilcoyne from the HSE West management.

    However, to date he has been unable to get these details.

    He will raise the question again this afternoon at the HSE West Forum meeting in Merlin Park Galway. The meeting is being held virtually due to Covid 19 restrictions.

    In addition the Cathaoirleach has submitted a written question to the Forum asking for details on the numbers of tests conducted, over the past month, for Covid 19 at Mayo University Hospital and other test centres in the county and their results.

    The independent councillor spoke to Midwest News  this lunchtime about why he is pursuing the matter and is also calling on the HSE to test anyone who wants a Covid 19 test, even if they are not displaying symptoms of the virus, in an effort to seriously eradicate the virus in the county and country.



    The self-isolation period for people with Covid-19 has reduced from 14 days to 10.

    Guidance from the Health Protection Surveillance Centre says the full two weeks would be necessary if symptoms are still present.

    For those who have been identified as a close contact of a confirmed case the quarantine period remains 14 days.


  • The annual Esker Novena to Our Mother of Perpetual Help could not go ahead this Summer, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

    The Redemptorists in Esker, near Athenry in Co Galway have traditionally held the annual Novena during the month of June for over 40 years but it could not go ahead this Summer.

    Instead, the novena will be held online, for the first time ever.

    The 9-day Novena starts tomorrow, with sessions at 10am each morning and 8pm each evening, and can be accessed on