Covid Vaccine

  • The lack of information and systems being put in place by both the HSE and the Dept of Health in setting up the Covid 19 vaccination programme rollout is of grave concern to pharmacists, according to the President of the Irish Pharmacy Union (IPU), Loughrea based pharmacist Eoghan Hanly.

    While the significant shortage of supply of the AstraZeneca vaccine, as promised to Ireland and other EU countries, will inevitably delay the rollout process, pharmacists here are baffled as to why they have been taken off the list of administrators of the vaccine to anyone aged over 70.

    Last week the government agreed a deal that both GPs and pharmacists could administer the AstraZeneca vaccine, but then earlier this week, Minister Donnelly announced only GPs could vaccinate people over 70.

    The announcement has upset pharmacists, particularly as no explanation was given for changing the agreed deal.

    This lunchtime Eoghan spoke to Midwest News.

  • 1.6 million doses of covid 19 vaccinations have now been administered in Ireland.

    The latest figures show that over 788,000 doses were given out in the month of April- almost 200 thousand in the last week alone.

    From tomorrow, those aged 59 can apply online for their vaccine.

    CEO of the HSE Paul Reid says the rollout is gaining momentum.

  • The roll-out of the COVID-19 vaccination campaign began in Mayo University Hospital today.

    Mary Neary Clinical Nurse Manager 2 on C Ward was the first staff member in the hospital to receive the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine.

    Mary received the vaccine from her nursing colleague Pádraig Ó Lúanaigh. 

    The vaccine was the first to be administered in County Mayo and over the coming weeks the vaccination programme will be extended across the hospital and community services. 

    Between today and the end of this week, over 500 staff will be vaccinated at Mayo University Hospital.

    Mary has worked in MUH for over 14 years and am currently the Clinical Nurse Manager 2 working in C Ward which has been designated a COVID-19 ward since the onset of the pandemic.

    She has seen the devastating effect of this infection on the patients and their families and 2020 was a really difficult year for everyone working in the health services.

    Mary has been telling Midwest News today that she is delighted to get this vaccine which will offer protection from COVID-19 and from the serious complications it can cause.


  • The head of the HSE says new guidance on Covid vaccines will pose "significant challenges" to the rollout to over 70s.

    It's been advised that people in that age group should get the Pfizer or Moderna jab - rather than the AstraZeneca one.

    Over 219 thousand people have received at least one dose so far - with around 8 thousand administered each day over the last week.

    Locations where multiple GPs can vaccinate over 70s are being looked at - as the Pfizer and Moderna jabs are more difficult to store.

    HSE chief executive Paul Reid says contingency plans are being finalised.