Covid-19 deaths

  • 41 more people have died in the Republic of Ireland  from Covid-19, with the death toll now at 406.

    Today's deaths include 4 in the West.

    548 new cases have been detected in the past 24 hours, while there were 284 positive tests sent back from German labs.

    The total number of confirmed cases here now stands at 11,479.

  • A further 8 people with Covid19 have died.

    10 new cases have also been confirmed.

    It brings the death toll here to 1,658, while there have been 25,066 confirmed cases.

  • Following a report in today's Irish Times that 9 residents at Brookvale Manor Nursing Home in Ballyhaunis have died of confirmed or suspected Covid-19, the operators of the facility - Brindley Healthcare  - have issued a statement to Midwest News.

    The company says they are devastated at the loss of residents who have sadly passed away during this Covid pandemic at Brookvale Manor in Ballyhaunis - many of which they have had the privilege to care for, for many years.  

    The statement says "they have become part of our family and their passing has had a profound and saddening effect on all those who have cared for them in their latter years.  The management and staff of Brookvale Manor wish to express our sincere sympathy and condolences to the families and relatives of our dearly loved residents who have passed away".

    The company explains that "stringent infection control measures have been in place since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic with recommended use of PPE for all our staff and residents alike. Brookvale Manor is working closely with the Department of Public Health team in relation to the ongoing management of COVID-19, and  Brindley Healthcare have insitu all the necessary medical expertise, staff and support needed to manage this crisis our healthcare sector is facing".

    The statement adds that Brindley Healthcare are grateful to the HSE for their support, and have praised their staff who have worked tirelessly and selflessly throughout the home to ensure the highest level of care is given to all residents, saying "their dedication and loyalty is an example to all frontline workers".

    The statement concludes that the numbers of deaths published in the Irish Times article today are noted as "probable, not actual numbers".

  • The Chief Medical Officer has warned that there will be a sharp increase in Covid 19 deaths in the coming weeks.

    817 people with Covid-19 are being treated in the country's hospitals this afternoon and 76 are in ICU.

    There are 50 patients with Covid are being treated at Mayo University Hospital today, with 47 at UHG, 10 in Sligo and 5 at Portiuncla Hospital in Ballinasloe.

    6,110 new cases of the virus were confirmed nationwide last night, with 6 further deaths

    Dr Tony Holohan says sadly the number of deaths will rise significantly this month.

  • We need to know if there is a reason why the death rate from Covid 19 per head of population has been so high in Mayo, according to Castlebar Councillor Michael Kilcoyne.

    The latest CSO figures up to mid-February show there were 152 Covid deaths in Mayo since the start of the pandemic, with the death rate per 100,000 people in Mayo second only to Cavan - one of the border counties.

    Councillor Kilcoyne has submitted a question to HSE West management to ask if there is any explanation for this sad statistic, which is impacting on so many grieving families in the county.

    The Independent councillor is a member of the HSE West Forum and he says while he is not blaming anyone at this point, he wants to know how many patients at Mayo University Hospital died with the virus.

    Councillor Kilcoyne has been outlining his concerns to Midwest News Editor Teresa O’Malley....

  • A record 101 deaths from Covid-19 were announced yesterday evening.

    83 of these deaths occurred last month, and 18 over the past 2 days.

    Those who died were aged between 19 and 103.

    Chief Medical Officer Dr Tony Holohan says the high mortality we're experiencing at the moment is related to the surge of infection we saw several weeks ago, and the hospitalisations and admissions to ICU that followed as a direct result.

    Although we've seen an improvement in the level of infection being reported, Dr Holohan says we have a long way to go, and incidence needs to decline much further.

    He says the best way to honour those who've died from Covid-19 and those who cared for them is to follow the public health advice, and stay at home unless absolutely necessary.

    Meanwhile, the number of new cases of  the virus recorded last evening was 879, the lowest number of daily cases so far this year. 

    53 of the new cases are in Galway, with 12 in Mayo, 8 in Sligo and less than 5 in both Roscommon and Leitrim.

    Mayo remains the only Connacht county with a 14-day incidence rate higher than the national average.

    The recent surge in Covid deaths is directly due to restrictions being lifted before Christmas, according to Professor Gabriel Scally.

  • Ireland's Covid-19 death toll has reached 5,000, with two further fatalities reported today.

    448 new cases have also been confirmed this evening.

    Donegal has the highest 14-day incidence rate in the country, at 250 cases per 100,000 people, while there are particular concerns about the situation in Dublin.



    New figures show Mayo and the border counties have recorded the highest number of deaths from Covid-19 per head of population.

    The CSO figures show that between March last year and April 27 this year, Mayo recorded 180 deaths due to the virus.

    The border counties of Louth, Cavan and Monaghan recorded the next highest death rates per head of population.

    At the other end of the scale, Sligo had the lowest number of deaths from the virus, with Leitrim and Galway also among the lowest four counties for Covid deaths per 100,000 population.