Councillor Peter Flynn

  • Westport councillor, Peter Flynn is calling for clarity on how GMA in the West Mayo Municipal District is to be halved next year, when revenue from car parking charges is up 45 percent this year.

    The General Municipal Allocation (GMA) budget for the West Mayo Municipal District, has like the other Municipal Districts in the county, been halved for 2020, under Mayo County Councils budget plans for 2020.

    GMA is funding allocated to voluntary and community groups.

    According to the Fine Gael councillor, councillors who agreed last year to introduce on street car parking charges in Westport were promised by council management that the additional revenue brought in by on street car parking in the town would go towards additional GMA funding  - but that has not happened.

    He told Midwest News today that the budget figures show that since on street car parking charges were introduced in Westport so far this year they have brought in 45,000 euro extra in car parking revenue, but at the same time council management want to reduce the GMA by 50 percent

  • A Mayo Councillor has outlined his frustration, following attempts over the past number of months to have a tap installed at Newport pier.

    Westport-based FG Councillor Peter Flynn is hoping to get a tap installed to allow local boat owners in Newport to wash down their boats and to assist with general maintenance work.

    After making his initial request last Summer, Mayo County Council eventually referred him to Irish Water, who have said they must make a submission to the Commission for Regulation of Utilities before a tap can be installed.

    Councillor Flynn received a similar response when he asked if drinking water fountains could be located along the Greenway, eliminating the need for plastic water bottles.

    He told Midwest News that the amount of red tape involved "is just bonkers"....

  • If small businesses in the hospitality and tourism sector in Mayo are to survive the Covid 19 pandemic, then the VAT rate nationally this year needs to be reduced to 0 percent.

    That was the call of Westport based Fine Gael councillor Peter Flynn at this week’s meeting of Mayo County Council’s Special Policy Committee meeting on Tourism and Food.

    He acknowledged that it was a Fine Gael led government that increased the VAT rate to 13 and a half percent, up from 9 percent some years ago, but insists that in the present climate if we are to keep hotels, restaurants and coffee shops open in areas of county Mayo than the rate must now be reduced down to 0 %.

    Cllr Flynn has been telling Midwest News that this is just one of a number of measures now needed at government level to ensure that tourists will have a place to go and eat and sleep in the future when they visit Mayo.


  • "Something dramatic" has happened with the administration of parking fines in Westport town this year with a five-fold increase in revenue collected from the fines, according to local Fine Gael councillor Peter Flynn.

    On street car parking charges were controversially introduced in Westport last year.

    Councillor Flynn says that between 2016 and 2018 the average revenue collected in parking fines in the town was 5,000 euro annually, that has now risen to 25,000 euro so far this year.

    He raised the issue at a budget meeting of West Mayo Municipal District, where he questioned the administration that considered the value in having two car parking wardens on Westport streets for three years, on average issuing 2 parking tickets a week between 2016 and 2018.

    Councillor Flynn spoke to o Midwest News today.

  • An attempt to shake up the structure of the Audit committee on Mayo county council failed to get enough support from councillors, at this week’s monthly meeting of Mayo County Council.

    Fine Gael councillor Peter Flynn had sought to make a number of changes to the make-up and operation of the committee, as he sees the present structure as outdated, costly and  lacking in gender balance.

    But the 5 member Audit Committee of Mayo County Council, the group that oversees the local authority’s finances remains as it was,  made up of 3 external members and 2 elected councillors, all five receiving the maximum remuneration for their input, despite the strain at present on the local authority’s finances.

    Councillor Flynn’s motion to change the structure was lost on a vote of 16 against changes and 14 for the proposed shake-up.

  • Village Design Statement is to be compiled by Mayo County Council for the popular village of Lecanvey, located between Westport and Louisbourgh.

    The purpose of the exercise is to get joint up thinking about how the village can effectively develop, in partnership with all the stakeholders – the local community and the various state agencies and utility providers.

    Local Fine Gael councillor Peter Flynn says Design Statements like this, are vital for the futures of many villages and small towns, across the county.

    He says the present pandemic has highlighted many new possibilities on how people can live in rural Ireland and work from home for global companies.

  • A Westport councillor has called on Eirgrid to consider a 220 KV power line to run from Ballina to Ballaghaderreen instead of the 110KV line planned.

    Fine Gael councillor Peter Flynn believes that it is vital that the county has infrastructure ready for the future, not just to meet present needs.

    He was speaking at the monthly meeting of Mayo County yesterday where Aidan Corcoran Transmission Project Manager with Eirgrid addressed the monthly meeting of the authority.

    It’s about a decade ago when Eirgrid proposed a controversial 400KV line for this area, and it resulted in mass public protests and was eventually shelved.

    The new proposal includes options to have the line either overhead or underground, and a number of preferred routes have been established. The company now wants the views of local residents, landowners and others on the proposals, and eventually a single option will be adopted and the company will seek planning permission to construct the line.

    The public consultation process was due to take place at the end of this month but due to coronavirus concerns has been postponed.

    It’s planned that the line will be in place by the third quarter of 2024.

    Cllr Flynn has been telling Midwest News today why he believes that the county needs to be ambitious and seek a higher powered 220 KV line, while the planning for the 110KV line continues.

  • A Westport Councillor is calling on Government to introduce two different VAT rates for the hospitality industry.

    Fine Gael Councillor Peter Flynn believes hotel rooms being sold for €150 euro or less should be subject to the lower rate of 9%, while the higher VAT rate could apply to more expensive hotels.

    The VAT rate for the tourism and hospitality sector was increased to 13.5% in the last Budget.

    He's also proposing the introduction of a tourist tax, which would see visitors paying a small tax on their arrival at a hotel, which would be ringfenced for projects in that town.

    Councillor Flynn's comments follow concerns expressed by the Restaurants Association of Ireland that one in 5 Irish restaurants could face closure in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

  • Westport based Fine Gael councillor Peter Flynn says he’s frustrated with the level of engagement between elected councillors and the CEO of Mayo County Council Peter Hynes in terms of strategic planning for the county.

    He raised the issue at the 2020 budget meeting of the local authority earlier this week.

    Councillor Flynn claims that since the new council came into operation last May, the CEO has not engaged directly with elected councillors to get their individual views on the way forward for the county.

    He says he has no problem with the day to day running of the authority as it operates, but believes that there needs to be more engagement with elected councillors on the bigger picture, -where and how Mayo will develop over the term of this council – over the next 5 years.

    Councillor Flynn has been speaking to Midwest News about the concerns he raised