Councillor Ger Deere

  • The Mayo Peace Park in Castlebar is attracting thousands of tourists each year, but at least one pedestrian crossing is needed in the area - according to local FG Councillor Ger Deere.

    He says people are having difficulty crossing the busy N5 on the Lannagh Road to access the Peace Park, as well as the facilities at Lough Lannagh and the old cemetery.

    Councillor Deere is calling for at least one, if not two, pedestrian crossings to be put in place at this location - and says now is the time to do so, when overlay works are taking place on the Lannagh Road.

  • A Castlebar Councillor has again highlighted the need for public water stations at Lough Lannagh in Castlebar.

    Given the number of people walking, running and cycling around the lake, and also using the Greenway, local FG Councillor Ger Deere believes the council should provide drinking water fountains.

    Councillor Deere raised the issue again at this week's monthly meeting of the Castlebar Municipal District.

  • There’s some good news for shoppers heading to the county town this Christmas.

    Castlebar Municipal District councillors yesterday approved free car parking hours in local authority car parks in Castlebar from mid to late December.

    Local Fine Gael Councillor Ger Deere proposed the motion yesterday and it was unanimously supported by all councillors present.

    The Castlebar Manager has agreed to look at the proposal and to come back with details to the councillors on times and dates shortly.

    Cllr Deere told Midwest News Editor Teresa O’Malley that it’s welcome news for hard pressed retailers and consumers in the area this festive season.....

  •  Castlebar Municipal District should purchase or lease outdoor seating and dining furniture this summer, to assist many cafes and restaurants in the town to spread out their businesses on to the Mall and onto Market Square.

    That’s the view of Castlebar Fine Gael councillor Ger Deere.

    He raised the matter at yesterday’s monthly meeting of Castlebar Municipal District, and says such a move would benefit customers and businesses, in light of the dining restrictions that look likely to continue throughout the summer.

    Cllr Deere explained to Midweat News why such facilities are essential for Castlebar…

  • A Fine Gael Councillor has called for the public lighting at a new housing estate in Parke to temper down the strength.

    Ger Deere says the new state of the art social housing is very welcome but the public lighting installed is so strong that it’s interfering with the residents on the opposite side of the road.

    Cllr. Deere says he has made representation to get this situation rectified.

  • Some progress is being made in the provision of bus shelters across Co Mayo.

    That's according to Castlebar FG Councillor Ger Deere, who highlighted the issue several months ago.

    He called for bus shelters to be provided, particularly at bus stops located on roads outside towns and villages, where people often have to wait for a bus in bad weather conditions.

    Councillor Deere has been informed that a Memorandum of Understanding between Mayo County Council and the National Transport Authority has now been signed, and a list of priority stops will be addressed.

    The Castlebar councillor has welcomed this development.


  • A disabled car parking space on New Antrim Street in Castlebar, close to the National Driving License Service office, has been given the green light, and will be installed as soon as Covid restrictions allow the road marking works to be carried out.

    That was confirmed to Castlebar Councillor Ger Deere at a recent meeting of the Castlebar Municipal District.

    Councillor Deere had raised the need for such a facility at a district meeting some months ago, pointing out that there are no disabled parking bays at present along New Antrim St or Linenhall St in the town centre.

    He told Midwest News that council engineer Ann Sweeney has confirmed that, as soon as Covid restrictions are eased and road marking works can resume, a disabled car parking space will be installed...

  • Intersport Elverys have been granted planning permission for an extension to their existing distribution and warehouse facility in Castlebar.

    The extension is to be constructed in two phases - and will include new offices, a reception, creche, gym and additional parking.

    Castlebar-based FG Councillor Ger Deere says it's great news for Castlebar, and a vote of confidence in the town.



  • A Fine Gael Councillor has hit out at the appalling state of Greenway Walk that leads from the new cemetery Castlebar to Raheins Wood on the Newport Road.

    Ger Deer says that parts of the Greenway that is designated for cyclists is covered with briars and weeds so they have no option but to use the pedestrian lane which is providing a safety issue.

    Cllr. Deer says the unsightly along a road which thousands of tourists use doesn’t create a great impression on the county town.

    He is calling for Mayo County Council to address this issue as a matter of urgency.

  • A representative of the telecommunications company Eir has been requested to attend the next monthly meeting of Mayo County Council to address the problems with the service across the region over many months now.

    The motion was proposed by Castlebar councillor Ger Deere at yesterday’s monthly meeting of the authority, and received unanimous support.

    A number of councillors spoke of situations over the Covid 19 lockdown where elderly persons, living alone, were left without a landline telephone service for up to 5 weeks. The elderly rely on the service for their pendant alarms, and councillors said the elderly and their families were left frustrated unable to contact Eir, and if they did manage to report the fault were subsequently left waiting weeks for the fault to be fixed.

    Contacting the telecommunications company to report a problem was described as a nightmare, cllr Deere said it was ironic that when the country was asked “to answer the call” as the pandemic hit, it remained almost impossible to get an answer when you tried calling Eir .

     Midwest News has tried contacting Eir today for a response to the criticism. We e-mailed the company’s press office and are awaiting a response.


  • Eight years after Mayo County Council purchased the Imperial Hotel in Castlebar, there are no plans for the future use of the historic building on The Mall.

    The issue was discussed at this week's meeting of Mayo County Council, where Castlebar-based FG Councillor Ger Deere accused the council of carrying out "a slap-up paint job" on the hotel last month.

    The hotel was where the Land League was founded in 1879, and Councillor Deere believes part of the building could be used as a museum or heritage centre, to showcase the history of the county town, while he claims council offices could also be developed at the site, instead of renting offices elsewhere in Castlebar.

    Councillor Deere says he's disappointed that the building is falling into disrepair....

  • A Castlebar Councillor is disappointed that no public building or infrastructure in the county town is being lit up in green for St Patrick's Day this year.

    While cities and towns all around the world are lighting up buildings and landmarks in green to mark Ireland's national day of celebration, FG Councillor Ger Deere says he's surprised and disappointed that none of the public buildings in Castlebar are lit up in green ahead of St Patrick's Day on Wednesday.

    Councillor Deere says, even at this late stage, some buildings could be lit up in green in the county most associated with St Patrick....

  • Of the 19 CCTV cameras installed around the town of Castlebar, only 6 are working at present.

    The situation was highlighted at a meeting of the Castlebar Municipal District yesterday by FG Councillor Ger Deere, who pointed out that the CCTV system is a vital tool for Gardai in apprehending criminals and solving crime.

    Councillor Deere asked if it's up to the local authority to maintain the cameras, and if a system can be put in place to ensure faulty CCTV cameras are repaired as soon as possible.

  • Two litter /traffic wardens in Castlebar have been assigned to patrol Lough Lannagh located in the county town, in light the high volume of people using the facility during the present Covid 19 pandemic, and some users are failing to maintain the appropriate social distancing.

    The walk/cycle facility attracts large numbers of users generally, but that number has increased significantly since the government imposed the Covid -19, 2km from home restriction for exercise.

    To maintain 6 foot or 2 metre social distancing between users can be difficult at times on the paths around the lake.

    The problem has been highlighted by local Fine Gael councillor Ger Deere who asked Mayo County Council if it would be possible to set up a new one-way system around the area. However, the local authority explained that there are too many entrances on to the walkway to do this successfully.

    Nonetheless, the council has diverted two traffic / litter warden to patrol Lough Lannagh regularly since last weekend, in an effort to insist on the 2 metre social distancing regulation.

    Councillor Deere told Midwest News today that the general public needs to use common sense around Lough Lannagh to ensure that the very valuable facility remains available during this pandemic.

  • Work is now underway on two landmark buildings in the heart of Castlebar Town.

    That's according to local FG Councillor Ger Deere, who has welcomed the start of enhancement works on the Castlebar Voluntary Social Services building in the Castle Street carpark, which will cost in the region of €1 million - including a new elevator, and the enlargement of upstairs rooms.

    The centre provides a meals-on-wheels service to elderly and vulnerable people in the Castlebar area, as well as providing day and social activities for the elderly.

    Meanwhile, on the Mall, painting of the former Imperial Hotel has commenced. 

    The Land League was founded at the hotel in 1879, and the property was bought by Mayo County Council eight years ago.

    Councillor Deere told Midwest News that the council is considering options for the use of the building.