councillor Christy Hyland

  • Friday 25th January is the closing date for residents associations, burial ground committees, Tidy Towns committees, festivals and other community clubs and organisations to apply to Mayo County Council for funding under the GMA - General Municipal Allocation.

    Each of the four municipal districts in Mayo has funding set aside under the GMA, and the council is now advising that applications for GMA funding are open until the 25th January.

    West Mayo Independent Councillor Christy Hyland is urging groups to apply for the funding before that date....

  • Almost half of all cannabis growhouses detected by Gardai last year were in the West of Ireland.

    At a recent meeting of the Mayo Joint Policing Committee, Gardai confirmed that 40% of such growhouses were detected in the West - with 15% of them in Mayo, 18% in Galway and 17% in Roscommon.

    The figures have been described as "scary" by Westport Independent Councillor Christy Hyland, who says the drugs are then ending up on the streets of our towns and villages.

    Councillor Hyland is urging anyone with information on such growhouses to pass the information onto local Gardai....

  • There's some good news for business owners hoping to put up an awning over their premises.

    Up to now, an awning required planning permission from Mayo County Council, but that is no longer the case - according to Westport Councillor Christy Hyland.

    He told Midwest News that these structures now come under the heading "street furniture" and will not require planning permission....

  • The new railings which were recently installed on a bridge near Louisburg, making it impassable for buses and large vehicles, are to be taken down.

    The steel railings were erected by contractors, on behalf of Mayo County Council, on both sides of the bridge at Cregganbaun, just off the Louisburg to Lecanvey road.

    This reduced the width of the bridge, preventing coaches, buses and lorries from being able to cross over the bridge, and forcing them to take a long detour.

    The issue was highlighted by Westport Independent Councillor Christy Hyland, who said it was impacting on local businesses and residents.

    Speaking with Midwest News today, Councillor Hyland says the council has now agreed to remove the new railings.....

  • Now that people are free to travel anywhere within their county as Covid-19 restrictions are being eased, increased numbers are expected to flock to beaches, forest walks and other outdoor amenities in the coming days and weeks.

    Mayo County Council staff are today reopening some of the car parks at beaches and at Croagh Patrick - according to Westport Councillor Christy Hyland.

    The Independent Councillor is calling on people travelling to beaches and other amenities  to park in an orderly fashion, and not to impede local residents from accessing their homes and lands.....

  • Westport should consider locating a glass dome in the town centre as a location for music and the arts, according to local Independent councillor Christy Hyland.

    Councillor Hyland says an enclosed, exposed location in Westport is the way to ensure in a Covid and post Covid era that the town’s reputation as rich in arts and culture is promoted and maintained.

    At a recent meeting of the Westport-Belmullet Municipal District, Councillor Hyland invited the local architect to attend a meeting of the district and discuss potential locations for such a structure.


  • We need a referendum to change the bail laws of this country, according to Westport based Independent councillor Christy Hyland.

    He made the call at a recent county Joint Policing Committee meeting, stating that at present up to 2,000 crimes per month in the country are committed by people out on bail.

    The councillor told Midwest News today that the present bail laws are serving the criminals well, as distinct from the people that they are suppose to be protecting.

  • A Westport Councillor has defended those who enjoyed outdoor drinking and dining facilities in the town over the bank holiday weekend.

    Pubs and restaurants with outdoor facilities enjoyed a bumper weekend, as the town was very busy with tourists.

    However, a video on social media showed a group of 5 young people dancing on top of a car on Bridge Street.

    Westport-based Independent Councillor Christy Hyland says this was not representative of the majority of people who enjoyed their visit to the Westport area over the weekend.

    He told Michael D McAndrew that young people cannot be blamed for wanting to meet up socially with friends, after being locked up for over a year.....

  • Mayo County Council should serve a derelict site notice on the Department of Education, to force them to take action on the former Scoil Padraig building in Westport.

    That's according to local Councillor Christy Hyland, who says the site has become an eyesore in Westport town centre, and a location for anti-social activity, which resulted in a small fire at the old school last weekend.

    The Westport Fire Service and local Gardai attended the scene on Friday night, and the fire was quickly brought under control with no-one injured.

    However, Councillor Hyland says Government agencies have neglected the property, which is causing major concern for residents on Altamont Street.

    The Department of Education is responsible for the old primary school, while the local authority owns the other part of the site - the former convent.

    Councillor Hyland raised the matter at this week's Municipal District meeting, and told Midwest News that this situation needs to be tackled urgently...

  • Election posters went up in the town of Westport in the early hours of this morning, despite a motion by sitting councillors in the District that Westport would ban election posters.

    The urban area of Westport has banned election posters for many years

    The decision by sitting councillors to retain the ban, is not legally binding – and election candidates by law can erect posters from midnight last night in both the local and European elections.

    Independent councillor in Westport Christy Hyland told Midwest News that he is raising the matter with council officials as he says he’s disappointed that the ban in the town is not being respected.

  • Today marked the first day of the new on-street parking charges in Westport.

    Up to now, parking was free but restricted on the streets of the town, while there were charges in the town's car parks.

    From today on, motorists will have to purchase parking discs to park in both the Pink and Blue zones in Westport town, to ensure a regular turnover of parking spaces.

    In addition, drivers with a disabled sticker, who cannot find a disabled bay in which to park, can park free on the streets or in the carparks.

    Westport is one of very few towns in Ireland offering this service to disabled drivers, according to Westport-based Independent Councillor Christy Hyland.

    Councillor Hyland says the new parking arrangements will be reviewed in 6 months time, and amendments can then be made if needed.


  • Work is to start next month on flood relief works in the Carraholly area outside Westport.

     A number of homes in the area were flooded during severe weather conditions almost 5 years ago, and since then, a campaign has been underway to replace the barrier that was washed away in the storm, and put other flood defences in place.

     Mayo County Council has now confirmed to Westport Independent Councillor Christy Hyland that notices are going into this week's local newspapers, advising of a road closure in the area to allow the works to go ahead.

     Councillor Hyland said it's been a long wait, but he's happy for the residents of Carraholly that the flood relief works are due to get underway shortly....

  • A Westport Councillor claims the process of getting grant aid to fund local CCTV systems is too complicated, and is leading to a poor take-up of the grants available.

    The issue was discussed at a recent meeting of Mayo County Council, where councillors were informed that a grant of 60% of the capital cost of a CCTV system is available, up to a maxaimum grant of €40,000 - but the take-up of the scheme is in single figures.

    Westport-based Independent Councillor Christy Hyland says there are a number of hoops to jump through, before qualifying for this grant.

    Councillor Hyland says the CCTV system in Westport has now been completed, at a cost of €70,000.

    He told Midwest News that the final phase of the scheme is now completed, with 18 cameras in 7 locations throughout the town, which is proving very useful for local Gardai....

  • West Mayo Councillors have approved a new library and civic offices for Westport.

    The new offices and library will be developed at the old Convent of Mercy schoolhouse on Altamont Street.

    Mayo County Council purchased the property in 2008, but plans to develop the site were stalled.

    Now the council has given the go-ahead for the Part 8 planning for the development, and an application will be made for Government funding.

    Independent Westport Councillor Christy Hyland has described the design for the new building as "fantastic" and hopes to see work starting on the project in the next 2 or 3 years.

  • After years insisting it would never happen, councillors in West Mayo yesterday voted to introduce on-street car parking charges in Westport

    The decision was carried by five votes to two. Former Westport town councillors Brendan Mulroy and Erris based Teresa Whelan voted against the introduction of charges.

    The first hour of parking on the streets of Westport will now be free, but after that, motorists will have to buy a parking disc in local shops.

    The controversial issue of parking charges was back on the agenda for yesterday's monthly meeting of the West Mayo Municipal District, which was held in Belmullet.

    In June, councillors in West Mayo voted against the recommendation of Mayo County Council officials to introduce on-street parking charges in Westport.

    This led to an extensive delay in paying out what’s termed the GMA funding - general municipal allocation - for local community groups and organisations right across the county.

    Municipal authorities in Ballina, Castlebar and Claremorris  agreed to secure additional funding in carparking charges in their areas to meet GMA demands, but West Mayo refused to do the same until yesterday.

    Then at yesterday’s meeting Westport-based Independent Councillor Christy Hyland - who had vehemently objected to on-street parking charges in the past - tabled a motion proposing parking charges, and the motion was carried.

    Councillor Hyland initially argued he had not done a U-turn, but later admitted that it”may be”, but said the current situation could not continue and he had no choice.

    After the meeting, Councillor Hyland told Midwest Newswhy he had tabled the  motion.

  • Mayo County Council is to begin engaging with landowners, over the next few weeks, to progress the extension of the greenway from Bertra to Lecanvey.

    Funding of half a million euro was announced by former Minister Michael Ring over two years ago towards developing the Lecanvey to Bertra section of the Clew Bay Trail, which forms part of the Great Western Greenway, but Covid-19 restrictions have held up progress on the project.

    Westport Councillor Christy Hyland says council staff will be on the ground in the coming weeks engaging with landowners and mapping out routes, now that essential construction work is permitted as Covid restrictions begin to ease.

    The Independent Councillor told Midwest News the extension of the greenway onto Louisburg and Roonagh will be a game-changer for tourism in West Mayo....

  • It's bad enough that there is no Cabinet Minister appointed for the Western seaboard, but it's even worse news that the Department of Rural & Community Development is being subsumed into another Department.

    That's according to Westport-based Independent Councillor Christy Hyland.

    As part of a revamp of Government departments, Minister Heather Humphreys has been appointed Minister for Social Protection, Community & Rural Development and the Islands.

    Councillor Hyland says former Minister Michael Ring did a commendable job in building up the Department of Rural & Community Development, which provided funding for many worthwhile projects in all areas of the West, but he fears that the social protection portfolio will be the priority for Minister Humphreys, with rural development losing out.

  • A Westport councillor has criticised the Government for increasing the rate on local authority mortgages, at a time when banks are cutting their lending rates.

    The interest rate on the Government's Rebuilding Ireland Home Loan product has increased by 0.75%.

    The Government-backed mortgage is for first-time buyers, and is available through local authorities for buyers who have been turned down by two mainstream lenders.

    The higher rates will impact on new borrowers under the scheme, and will add up to €1,200 to repayments each year.

    Westport Independent Councillor Christy Hyland is questioning why the Department of Housing is increasing the lending rate, at the same time as the Government is asking banks to cut their mortgage rates.

    Councillor Hyland says it's unfair on low income earners.....

  • A temporary Do Not Swim notice has been put in place at Bertra beach near Westport.

    People are being urged not to swim at the beach, following the detection of E.Coli in a water sample taken on Monday.

    Mayo County Council says the bathing water at Bertra will be re-sampled, with results expected by Friday.

    Mayo County Council says investigations are ongoing to identify the possible cause of the contamination.

    While there are a number of other beaches around Clew Bay with excellent bathing water quality, Westport-based Councillor Christy Hyland says it's disappointing that Bertra beach is closed to swimmers at present.....


  • The day of putting up election posters is over, as there are other ways for candidates to carry out their election campaign - that's according to Westport-based Independent Councillor Christy Hyland, who has given a commitment not to erect posters ahead of next May's local elections.

    At this week's meeting of the West Mayo Municipal District, Councillor Hyland proposed that no posters be put up by candidates for next year's elections, and his proposal was seconded by Fianna Fail Councillor Brendan Mulroy.

    At present, there is an agreement not to put up posters in the town of Westport, but Councillor Hyland believes they should not be erected anywhere in the West Mayo Municipal area.....