councillor Annie Mae Reape

  • 130,000 euro has been allocated for road improvement works along a notoriously dangerous section of the Quay road in Ballina – the scene of numerous road collisions.

    The funding was confirmed to local Fianna Fail councillor Annie Mae Reape at the monthly meeting of Ballina Municipal District this week.

    The councillor told Midwest News today that  it’s very welcome news for this busy stretch of road, part of the Wild Atlantic Way.

  • Cannonball 2019 will hit Ballina on Sept 7th  next, the news was announced this afternoon by local Fianna Fail councillor Annie Mae Reape, speaking on our Lunchtime News Local Election debates here on Midwest Radio.

    Cannonball – a supercar national road trip is an annual charity event and it last came through Ballina in 2014, and has the potential to draw up to 30,000 spectators

    Councillor Reape says it’s great news for Ballina

  • There will be no party or gatherings to welcome home the new Minister for Agriculture Food and the Marine when he returns this evening to his native Ballina.

    That was confirmed to Midwest News this morning by local Fianna Fail councillor Annie Mae Reape.

    The councillor said that the local community is delighted and proud of Dara’s new appointment, but added that it is his stated position that he now wants to get on with the job and in keeping with the Covid 19 restrictions on gatherings, does not want any celebration/ party at this time.

    Cllr Reape says she agrees, however, she says it is a great result for Ballina and Mayo.

    She described the new Minister’s portfolio as very significant for this region and said they will be celebrating Dara’s achievement at a future date, when appropriate.

  • Feedback speed signs are to be erected at two locations on the entrance to the village of Bonniconlon this morning.

    The feedback signs are the result of extensive lobbying by local councillors Annie Mae Reape and John O’Hara working with the Gardai to try to reduce the speed of traffic into the village.

    There is increasing concern in Bonniconlon for children and the elderly trying to cross the street in the village.

    The feedback speed signs will alert motorists to the speed that they are travelling at, on entrance to Bonniconlon, and are in addition to the normal speed limit signs.

     The data is stored and will be reviewed over a 12 month period to determine if additional speed reduction measures are required permanently in Bonniconlon.

  • The green light has been given for the development of five new social housing units in the village of Bonniconlon.

    At this week’s monthly meeting of Ballina Municipal District councillors approved a Part 8 planning to allow the long awaited development to go ahead.

    Local Fianna Fail councillor Annie Mae Reape told Midwest News she’s delighted with the progress.

  • The need for better wheelchair accessibility along Ballina’s main streets has been highlighted by local Fianna Fail councillor Annie Mae Reape.

     The councillor raised the issue at the monthly meeting of Ballina Municipal District where she said wheelchair users had told her of their frustration in trying to get around on Tone Street and Gardner Street in the town centre.

    Council Engineer Orla Burke said wheelchair accessibility is a priority for the town, but added that limited funding means progress can be slow.

    Councillor Reape told Midwest News that she will continue to campaign for better access for the disabled in Ballina.

  • A new filter light is to be installed at one of Ballina’s busiest junction at the font, for traffic trying to access the Crossmolina road from Teeling St, coming out of the town.

    This was confirmed by council management at the monthly meeting of Ballina Municipal District, earlier this week.

    Fianna Fail councillor Annie Mae Reape raised her concerns about this junction and the problems that traffic trying to turn right, heading to Lord Edward Street / the Crossmolina road from the town centre experience, and the traffic congestion that occurs as a result.

    The councillor was informed that by the end of next month a new filter will be installed in the traffic lights at this junction that will assist the traffic flw.

    Councillor Reape told Midwest News today that she is delighted with the response

  • The new footpaths at Behy outside Ballina, under construction at present, are due to be completed by the end of November. That was confirmed by council management at the monthly meeting of Ballina Municipal District.

    Fianna Fail councillor Annie Mae Reape sought an update on the work’s progress and asked that the footpaths be extended further and also asked council management to investigate the cost of providing public lighting in this built up area.

    Cllr Reape told Midwest News today she is pleased with the progress to date.

  • The ongoing traffic congestion on the Foxford side of Ballina looks likely to be relieved with initial plans now in place to provide a link road from the N26 on the Foxford side of the town to the N59 Crossmolina road. That’s according to Ballina Fianna Fail councillor Annie Mae Reape

    The councillor says there was some welcome news for road users in the Ballina area, when members of Mayo County Council met with Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) earlier this week.

    Funding for the the first phase of the construction is set to be in place by early 2020.

    While construction of the new stretch of road and new bridge at Cloongullane on the N26 between Foxford and Swinford – should get under in 2020, just a few months away.

  • The controversial decision last Friday by council management in Mayo to discontinue the services of a street sweeper and persons to empty litter bins on the streets in towns located in the Ballina Municipal District has now been reversed and the service will be restored from this weekend.

    There was outrage in Ballina last weekend when it emerged that the clean-up services had ceased due to the overrun of the Ballina Municipal District budget for 2018, and would resume sometime in the new year.

    Local Fianna Fail councillor Annie Mae Reape told Midwest News today that the decision to cut the service was simply not acceptable and she and other councillors  insisted that the service is restored and will now continue from this weekend.

    The councillor told yesterday's monthly meeting of Ballina Municipal District that anything less would be unfair to Tidy Town committees, to the the public and to tourists.

  • The ongoing traffic delays on the Foxford road entrance to Ballina were discussed at a meeting of Mayo County Council's Special Policy Committee on Roads yesterday evening.

    Roadworks are continuing on a 1.2 km section of the N26 Foxford Road into Ballina, which are causing significant traffic delays, particularly at peak times in the mornings and evenings.

    The work is scheduled to continue until 8th December.

    Yesterday, Mayo TD Dara Calleary called for the contractors to work 7 days per week on the scheme to get it finished as quickly as possible, but this appeared to be ruled out by Mayo County Council.

    However, Ballina Fianna Fail Councillor Annie May Reape says councillors at the SPC meeting yesterday evening were told by Mayo County Council's Head of Roads Paul Dolan that a 2-way system will be in operation at weekends once the work moves closer to Ballina town, and traffic lights will be put in place to help alleviate traffic delays.