Ballyglass RNLI

  • Ballyglass RNLI assisted in a rescue yesterday afternoon after a cruiser with 3 people on board got into difficulty off the north Mayo coast.

    The lifeboat was launched just before 1pm yesterday to assist those on board a 28 foot cruiser. There was a problem with the vessel’s propellor.

     Ballyglass RNLI towed the cruiser to safe anchorage  in Ballyglass in difficult sea conditions.

     No one was injured in the incident.

  • Ballyglass RNLI inshore lifeboat launched to assist a fishing vessel in Broadhaven Bay in the station’s 1st call-out of 2021.

    The Irish Coast Guard requested Ballyglass volunteer lifeboat crew to launch to assist a 35ft fishing vessel at 12.30pm today in Broadhaven Bay. The vessel had ran aground in the channel close to Belmullet docks and had sent a Mayday emergency distress signal.

    The inshore lifeboat launched immediately and was on scene within minutes.

    The casualty vessel was secured and the sole occupant transferred to the lifeboat to be brought safely ashore. The crew, with Frankie Geraghty at the helm, returned to station, refuelled and had the boat ready for service by 13.40.

    All Covid 19 procedures and guidelines were strictly adhered to. 

    Pádraig Sheeran, RNLI volunteer Lifeboat Operations Manager at Ballyglass commended all involved on the expediency of the response. He said: ‘The RNLI and and the Coast Guard are always ready to assist but we ask the public to always put safety first, to always have a means of communication when on or near the water, and to always respect the water.’

  • The Ballyglass RNLI responded to two back-to-back call outs yesterday, first to bring an injured fisherman to safety, and then to assist a 10m fishing vessel that had broken down off the Mayo coast.

     Following a request from the Coast Guard shortly after 9.30 yesterday morning, the volunteer crew launched their all-weather lifeboat to go to the aid of a fishing vessel 18 miles east of Ballyglass.

    The boat had three people on board, with one crew member injured.

    The all-weather lifeboat under Coxswain James Mangan with six crew onboard, launched immediately and was on scene approximately 40 minutes later.

    The injured fisherman was transferred to the lifeboat and taken to Ballyglass where an ambulance was standing by to take him to Mayo University Hospital.

     Having arrived back at the station shortly after 11am, Ballyglass RNLI was requested to launch for a second time some two hours later to go to the assistance of a fishing boat with three people onboard, that had broken down 16 miles north of Downpatrick Head.

    The lifeboat immediately launched again under Coxswain James Mangan and towed the 10m fishing vessel back to Ballyglass where they arrived yesterday evening.

     Speaking after a long day at sea for the volunteer crew, Padraig Sheeran, Ballyglass RNLI Lifeboat Operations Manager commended the lifeboat crew for their dedication and professionalism, and extended best wishes to the injured fisherman for a speedy recovery.







  • Cill Chomain GAA Club are currently undertaking a charity fundraiser in conjunction  with the RNLI.

    A Dip, Donate, Nominate Challenge is running for the month of May which will lead up to a 24 Hour Row-a-thon event that will take place on the 4/5 June.

    Cill Chomain GAA PRO Shane Moran has been giving more details to Midwest Radio's Michael D. McAndrew.

  • During the months of May and June, the combined efforts of the Cill Chomáin Ladies and Mens team raised €14,234 for the Ballyglass RNLI and Cill Chomain GAA.

    The monies raised were split equally, with both groups getting €7,117 each.

    A “Dip, Donate, Nominate” challenge was organised for the month of May, where members of the two teams did an icy dip in the sea, donated to a gofundme page and then nominated 3 friends to carry out the challenge.

    For the June Bank holiday weekend, a “24hr Row-A-Thon” was organised. During the event, members of the Cill Chomáin Ladies and Mens team as well as committee members rowed a rowing machine constantly for 24 hours, each member rowed in 20-minute slots with over 80 club members taking part. A multitude of local, national and overseas businesses kindly sponsored each rower for the event.

    The Cill Chomain GAA club would like to thank everyone who took part in the unique fundraiser, all the businesses for their sponsorship and for all who donated to through the gofundme page.

  • Five crew members on board a fishing vessel which got into difficulty off Erris Head in north Mayo earlier this week were brought to safety by the Ballyglass RNLI lifeboat crew.

    The all-weather lifeboat was launched at about 10pm on Tuesday night at the request of the Irish Coast Guard, and went to the aid of five fishermen whose vessel was in difficulty about 25 nautical miles north of Erris Head.

    The skipper had called the Coast Guard when a rope had fouled the propeller making it impossible for them to proceed. There was a strong north-westerly wind and poor visibility making for challenging conditions for both lifeboat and the casualty vessel.

    Once on scene, the lifeboat crew set up tow ropes to bring the crabber and her five crew safely home to Ballyglass pier in darkness, returning to the harbour just after daybreak.

    The lifeboat was then refuelled, washed down and was back on her mooring by 8.30am, after which the volunteer crew then departed for their day jobs.

    James Mangan, Ballyglass RNLI Coxswain said there was a great  response by so many of the voluteer crew who showed up at such a late hour on a wild night, and said "it's a testament to their dedication and training that a successful rescue was carried out under challenging conditions".


  • Cyclists from all over Ireland will undertake a 150 km cycle this Saturday to raise funds for Ballyglass RNLI.

    The “Waves-2-Wheels” fundraiser, in conjunction with Belmullet cycling club, will see the participants cycling from Sligo Bay RNLI station in Rosses Point to Ballyglass RNLI in Belmullet.

    The RNLI says the event is important to raise awareness and funds for the all-weather lifeboat operating out of Ballyglass and the Bulmullet inshore lifeboat.

    A number of volunteer lifeboat crew from Ballyglass RNLI are among those taking part to raise funds for training and equipment.

    The cycle begins at Rosses Point at 9am Saturday morning, and the cyclists will travel through Easkey, Enniscrone, Ballina and Crossmolina, arriving in Belmullet on Saturday evening.

  • Ballyglass RNLI has this afternoon came to the aid of a lone sailor whose 10m yacht got into difficulty off the Mayo coast.

    The volunteer lifeboat crew was requested to launch their all-weather lifeboat at 12.37pm following a request from the Irish Coast Guard.

    The lifeboat under Coxswain James Mangan and with six crew onboard, launched immediately and made its way to the scene some five miles north of Ballyglass Lighthouse.

     Weather conditions at the time were described as good with calm waters and the sun shining.

    Once on scene, the crew observed that yacht had fouled its propeller. The sailor had entered the water in an attempt to free the propeller but was unsuccessful and called for assistance. 

    On arrival, the crew assessed that the sailor was safe and well before working to detangle the rope.

    The lifeboat crew launched their smaller inflatable daughter Y boat to access the yacht and free the rope from the propeller. A towline was subsequently secured and the lifeboat brought the yacht safely back to Ballyglass Harbour.

    Speaking following the call out, Ballyglass RNLI mechanic Allen Murray said: ‘As the summer holidays approach and we continue to enjoy a period of hot weather, we would like to remind everyone to enjoy it but also to respect the water.

    ‘Always wear a lifejacket and always carry a means of communication. Let someone ashore know when you are leaving, where you are going and when you are due back. Check the weather forecast and tide times. Learn how to start, run and maintain your engine and always carry tools and spares. Should you get into difficulty, call 999 or 112 and ask for the Coast Guard.’


  • A naming ceremony and dedication of the new inshore lifeboat "Clann Lir" will take place at a ceremony at the Ballyglass inshore lifeboat station at 2pm this afternoon (Sat).

    The new D-class lifeboat went on service earlier this year, funded by a donation from the Central Bank of Ireland.

    The new inshore lifeboat replaces The Western, which launched 58 times while on service in Ballyglass, coming to the aid of 20 people.

    The new inshore lifeboat "Clann Lir"  will now serve alongside the all-weather lifeboat, which has launched 152 times since arriving in Ballyglass, with crews coming to the assistance of over 150 people.

    Padraig Sheeran, Ballyglass RNLI Lifeboat Operations Manager, told Midwest News that they're looking forward to the official handover and naming ceremony of the new vessel this afternoon.

  • While many people are looking forward to a few days off and a rest over the festive season, volunteer lifeboat crews along the West coast are on call 24-7, in case of emergencies on the water.

    Last year, Irish lifeboats launched over 1,000 times - in Mayo, Achill RNLI launched 31 times saving 20 people, while Ballyglass RNLI launched nine time, rescuing five people.

    However, while more people than ever need the help of the RNLI, donations and legacies are decreasing, and the charity has now launched a major fundraising appeal called The Perfect Storm, to ensure its lifesaving work can continue.

     Agatha Hurst is Press Officer and a volunteer with the Ballyglass RNLI Lifeboat.

    She said that while people look forward to spending time with their families over Christmas, RNLI volunteers will be ensuring their lifejackets are ready and will be prepared to drop everything to save lives at sea.

  • Seven volunteer lifeboat crew members from Ballyglass RNLI came to the rescue of a large juvenile dolphin which became stranded at Bundúla, in Blacksod Bay, just outside Belmullet yesterday morning (1 August).

    The alarm was raised by concerned former RNLI crew member David Tyrrell who spotted the mammal in difficulty in an ebbing tide.

    Ballyglass RNLI Lifeboat Clann Lir and crew were quickly on the scene.

    Time was of the essence as the sea continued to recede and the hot sun was further drying the area and the animal.

    Both the RNLI inshore boat crew  and shore crew carried out the rescue.

    They succeeded in lifting the dolphin onto a stretcher which they lifted onto the inshore lifeboat which proceeded out and into deeper waters close to Claggan Island.

    At that point, in sufficient depth, the crew released the dolphin which swam away.

  • Volunteer lifeboat crews at the two RNLI stations in Mayo launched 21 times last year, bringing 16 people to safety.

    The RNLI operates lifeboat stations at Ballyglass and Achill Island.

    Nationally, RNLI lifeboats launched 945 times last year - with half of these call-outs during the Summer months of June, July and August.

    Volunteer lifeboat crews are preparing for another busy Summer, as people are expected to enjoy domestic holidays due to Covid-19 restrictions on overseas travel.

    The charity cannot hold its usual fundraising collections during the pandemic, but is running a Mayday Mile campaign, which begins this Saturday and will run for the month of May.

    People are asked to walk, run or cycle a mile for raise funds for the RNLI.


  • The Ballyglass RNLI inshore lifeboat was requested to launch yesterday afternoon by the Irish Coast Guard to go to the assistance of 2 people on a jet ski in difficulty between Doolough and Claggan in Blacksod Bay. 

    The volunteer lifeboat crew launched the lifeboat from Shore Road Belmullet within 10 minutes, and were on the scene within half an hour in favourable conditions.

    Malin Head Coast Guard had been contacted when a jet ski capsized.

    A rigid inflatable power boat in the area had taken the casualties aboard until the lifeboat arrived. Once on scene, the lifeboat crew took the uninjured jet ski crew aboard and proceeded to bring them safely to land at Doolough. 

    No medical assistance was required.

    The Ballyglass Coast Guard unit was also tasked to assist.