Aras Deirbhle

  • A Belmullet Staff Hospital Action Committee has been formed following a meeting of staff from Belmullet District Hospital and Aras Deirbhle yesterday.

    That was confirmed by local Fianna Fail Senator Keith Swanick, who chaired the meeting.

    Senator Swanick, who is also a local GP, was asked by the staff to chair the meeting as he is the Medical Officer at the hospital.

    He says that the overall feeling from the meeting is that the staff wanted to be in control of any direction of any campaign.

    The committee was then formed, comprised of 4 nursing staff members and 4 support staff members, 4 from Belmullet District Hospital and 4 from Aras Deirbhle.

    Senator Swanick told Midwest News that the committee is due to meet this afternoon and will issue a statement following that meeting.

  • Minister for Mental Health and Older People Jim Daly told the Dail yesterday evening that Belmullet District Hospital will not be downgraded under his watch.

    It came as concerns over the facility and Aras Deirbhle were raised by Fianna Fail Deputy Leader, Mayo TD Dara Calleary yesterday on a Topical Issue.

    Minister Daly said that there will be no downgrading of facilities for older people while he is in office and that includes Belmullet.

    However he said he cannot stand over staff being allocated to empty beds if that is proven to be the case.

    Minister Daly has also confirmed that he will visit the hospital at the end of this month, or in the very early days of July.

    He is also waiting on figures from Tony Canavan on how many short stay beds are in use at the facility at any one time – he says the HSE has told him 12, while figures given to Deputy Calleary and the media say 18 support acute short day beds and 2 additional short stay beds.

    The assurances from Minister Daly were welcomed this morning by Minister for Rural and Community Development Michael Ring. He says that it is a case of some people trying to make political gain out of a situation that is simply not happening.  

  • A Public meeting will take place tonight in the Talbot Hotel, Belmullet surrounding the future of Belmullet Community Hospital.

    A Public Meeting to oppose the cuts to Belmullet Hospital and Áras Deirbhle Nursing Home has been organised by Mayo Senator Rose Conway-Walsh this evening at 8pm in the Talbot Hotel. 

    This meeting is in solidarity with patients, carers, staff, management and the most vulnerable in our community. 

  • A Belmullet Hospital Action Committee has been formed following a meeting of staff from Belmullet District Hospital and Aras Deirbhle yesterday.

    In a statement this evening the committee says it endeavours to maintain and improve current services at the two locations –20 beds in Belmullet Hospital – which include step down, short stay beds and palliative care and respite care and 30 beds in Aras Deirbhle, which are long stay beds.

    In the statement the staff say they are fully committed in the deliverance and maintenance of essential high quality patient care to the community for which we serve. They say they are currently collating information to establish the best way forward in achieving our goal and there the statement ends.