Irish Water has announced plans to invest 2.9 million euro in upgrading the sewer network in Roscommon Town.

The contract has been awarded to Underground System & Sewer Repair Ltd, and work will commence this month.

Irish Water says this work will reduce the risk of sewers flooding, improve sewer capacity, and result in the enhanced treatment of wastewater, and enhance the capacity of the system to deal with future population growth and economic development in the county town.

The sewerage network in Roscommon Town has, in the past, experienced increased storm water overflows and pollution events.

The existing network will now be surveyed and rehabilitation works carried out, with a follow-up contract  next year to further upgrade the drainage system.

Roscommon-Galway Independent TD Michael Fitzmaurice has welcomed the 2.9 million euro allocation from Irish Water for upgrading the sewage system in Roscommon Town and says it will ensure that any future flooding will not affect the sewage scheme in the area….


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