The Round 3 qualifier draw of the 2018 All-Ireland senior football championship will take place next Monday morning.

It will be broadcast live on Morning Ireland on RTE Radio 1 just after 8.30am and also carried live on

The Round 3 draw involves all the winners from Round 2 draw against each other.

The first team drawn will have home advantage - exception: a Division 3 or 4 team from the current year's Allianz league drawn against a Div 1 or 2 team will have home advantage.

The draw is subject to avoidance of repeat pairings, where feasible. Possible Repeat Pairings include Monaghan v Tyrone, Tipperary v Waterford, Carlow v Kildare, Carlow v Louth.

The match venues and times will be confirmed by the CCCC on Monday afternoon with the fixtures scheduled for weekend of June 30th & July 1st. All matches will be required to finish on the day under the new Championship protocols.


Teams Involved:

* Tipperary/Mayo

* Waterford/Monaghan

* Cavan/Down

* Carlow/Tyrone

* Offaly/Clare

* Longford/Kildare

* Sligo/Armagh

* Leitrim/Louth



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