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Exam Results - A Peter Costello Poem

exam Yesterday on the Tommy Marren Show, Tommy read out this wonderful poem from our good friend Peter Costello from Kilkelly that asks people to look at exam results in a different light and not to get too worked up over offers not received. It's a wonderful sentiment and applies to more than just the Leaving Cert as well. You can see the poem in full below and check out more of Peter's work at www.reasons4rhymes.com


Exam Results


Congrats to all you students, that is in this frenzy zone

Whether your results were high or low, you will not be on your own

I think it is worth remembering, if things didn’t go as planned

Your life is not determined, by the paper in your hand

Some folk are academic, they’re just hard wired this way

But there are many different talents, to help you earn your pay

If you look out to the bigger world, I think you might agree

You cannot judge an elephant, because he can’t climb a tree

Ants have great communication skills, yet none of them can talk

There are fish that swim the ocean, but none of them can walk

Lions can rule the jungle, but put them to the test

Against a little robin, who can build the better nest?

You would not see a golfer, trying to hit a rugby ball

So let’s be realistic, one exam does not judge all

Some of the world’s best people, be they single, husband, wife

They all achieved their great success, from the University of Life

There is a need for everyone, in this great world of ours

The architect that draws the plans, the men that build the towers

The doctors saving lives each day, the teachers in our schools

The street sweepers, the pen pusher, there are no exception to the rules

Our world renowned musicians, our sport stars chasing Sam

They are not in those positions, because of the result of an exam

So when you look at your results, accept them for what they are

Just a little milestone, in a journey that goes far

Most folk are in their teenage years, when these exams are done

Just in the spring time of their lives, their careers not yet begun

To you that have achieved your dream, and have sailed across the line

I am truly happy for you, enjoy being on cloud nine

And to those that fell a little short, this is just a tiny blot

I can tell you in a real short time, you won’t remember what you got

It’s the future that’s important, and one thing I know is true

If you have got a goal in mind, there is nothing you can’t do

So take all negativity, and throw it in the bin

Your life is just approaching, where the real world will kick in,

 The points that you are pondering, they might be high or low

But they are not a certainty, of how your life will go.



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