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The cost of success

It's been a crazy, rollercoaster never to be forgotten season for supporters of the Mayo Senior Men's football team. No matter how the season finishes it is one that everyone will look back on for decades to come and shake their heads at the sheer mayhem of a year that saw Mayo draw two qualifier games before winning in extra time and then draw twice in Croke Park...so far!

Despite the amount of games, the Mayo support has been magnificent throughout, giving the players huge backing - as referenced in almost every interview with the players and management -and again on Sunday they out-numbered their rivals comprehensively yet again.

But it's not just the Mayo supporters nerves which have been put through the wringer week on week this summer - their wallets have too. We did a quick total of the cost of following the team since the opening game in Castlebar against Sligo for a family of two adults and two children. 

If you were to take the starting point for each journey as MacHale Park, Castlebar (we understand not everyone is from Castlebar but we chose the county ground as the central starting point to ensure equanimity. It does eliminate journey times for the Sligo & Derry games bringing down the overall total).

With the news confirmed this morning that ticket prices have been reduced by €10 for stand tickets to €35 and terrace tickets to €25, we calculated what it will have cost Mayo people by the time the final whistle blows next Saturday evening.

For a family of two adults and two children tickets for the eight games so far would have cost an eye-watering €600 while the cost of petrol to transverse the country would have reached €334.18 (based on average price in Mayo via Pumps.ie). In total, without accommodation, food or tolls, it would have cost €934.18 to follow Mayo this summer, up to this point. 

In reality this cost would be well over €1000, a hefty chunk to pay out in a few short months but the sheer enjoyment provided by the team this year and every year - priceless. 


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