News Tue, 17 Jan 2017 21:13:37 +0000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb Ballina Councillor says it's regrettable that hare-coursing is being facilitated at a centre for people with disabilities

A Ballina councillor says it’s regrettable that hare-coursing is being facilitated at a centre for people with disabilities.

It emerged yesterday that staff and service users at the HSE-run Ballina Training Centre have been involved in training greyhounds for hare-coursing, and have attended coursing events.

The HSE confirmed that the service has been supporting the activity for clients, but added that this support does not constitute an endorsement or approval of hare coursing.

Ballina Independent Councillor Gerry Ginty, who’s involved  with the horse and donkey sanctuary in north Mayo, says it’s unfortunate that hare-coursing is still legal in this country, as it’s illegal in many other countries including England, Scotland, Wales and  northern Ireland.

 Councillor Ginty said it’s regrettable that this would be considered an appropriate past-time for service users at the Ballina Training Centre, and said he’s totally opposed to the controversial sport.

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Councillor Claims Successive Irish governments have refused to nominate infrastructural projects in the west of Ireland that could have received up to 75 percent funding from the EU

Successive Irish governments have refused to nominate infrastructural projects in the west of Ireland that could have received up to 75 percent funding from the EU.

That’s according to Charlestown based Sinn Fein councillor Gerry Murray.

The councillor told yesterday’s monthly meeting of Mayo county council that the Irish government refused to fund the additional 25 percent of funding that would have been required to deliver vital infrastructural projects.

At yesterday’s meeting, county councillors and the CEO of the authority Peter Hynes all expressed concerns about the new National Framework Plan that is to be launched for consultation by Minister Coveney at the end of this month.

From what’s been leaked from the document it would appear that north of a line that links Galway to Dublin there are no plans by government to concentrate on an area of the country that represents 25 percent of the population and 33 percent of the land mass and that’s the west /northwest region.

Councillor Murray told yesterday’s meeting that an EU Commissioner had recently told him that the west of Ireland has better friends in Europe than it has much closer to home.

The councillor told Midwest News that successive Irish governments have used the west of Ireland as a reason to need EU funding, but fail to direct potential funding to the region when available.

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Over 5,000 operations cancelled at UHG last year

The overcrowding crisis continues today at Galway University Hospital with 24 patients waiting for admission to a bed.

There are 13 patients on trolleys at Portiuncla in Ballinasloe, 10 at Sligo University Hospital and 2 at Mayo University Hospital.

Meanwhile, more than 37,000 operations or hospital procedures were cancelled last year – many of the cancellations were blamed on a lack of hospital beds due to overcrowding.

The figures were obtained by Fianna Fail TD Billy Kellegher and show that the highest number of cancelled operations was at University Hospital Galway, where 5,272 procedures were cancelled during 2016.

There were 2,249 procedures cancelled at Mayo University Hospital and over 1600 in Sligo.

The figures were released this week, as management at Galway University Hospital have moved to employ GPs to treat some patients in the Emergency Department, due to a lack of junior doctors.

According to the Irish Times, the hospital says it hired GPs to act as senior decision-makers in the department while it tries to recruit full-time and part-time consultants.

As reported on Midwest news yesterday, a new review of the Emergency Department at UHG described conditions in the unit as chaotic and nothing short of scandalous.

In a separate development, as demand grows for more people to be cared for at home, the Minister for Older People Helen McEntee says a consultation process will be launched, with the aim of setting up a statutory home-care scheme.

This would be along the lines of the Fair Deal nursing home scheme, where people have their income and medical needs assessed.

They would pay a portion of the fees for homecare, and the State would subsidise the rest.

The Minister says homecare will be increasingly important into the future as our ageing population grows.

Currently homecare is not regulated by the State and is not provided on a statutory basis.

The Dept of Health is currently working on determining what type of homecare scheme is best for Ireland, and the Minister hopes to launch a consultation process in a matter of months which will allow those with views on the matter to have their say – including older people themselves, their families and healthcare workers.

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14 Seater Bus Stolen from Outside Foxford Last Night

Gardai in Ballina are appealing for public assistance in locating a bus stolen overnight from outside Foxford.

The silver Ford Transit bus, a 14 seater, was taken from the village of Leckee, located about a mile outside Foxford on the main Foxford to Castlebar road.

The vehicle registration is 07 MO 4701.

The bus has “Martin McHale” in writing at the front.

It was taken sometime between 11pm last night and 7 o’clock this morning (Tuesday).

Anyone who may have noticed anything suspicious in the area or who knows anything about the whereabouts of the bus is asked to contact Ballina Garda Station at 09621422

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Cabinet to Discuss Incentives for Rural Renovations to Homes

House buyers are to be offered renovation grants to restore properties in small towns and villages as part of the Government's long-promised plan to revive rural Ireland.

Cash grants for refurbishing old buildings in rural communities are to form a central plank of the Government's Action Plan for Rural Development, which is being brought before the Cabinet today.

According to today’s Irish Independent, the scheme is aimed at luring all house buyers, but specifically older people and first-time buyers, back into rural communities damaged by unemployment during the recession.

The Government hopes renovation grants will lure people into small towns and villages where house prices are far lower than major towns and cities.

A senior Government source told the paper that the scheme would be introduced on a pilot basis before being rolled out nationwide.

The scheme is at an early stage of development but there is a commitment in the soon-to-be-published Action Plan for Rural Development to encourage increased residential occupancy.

The action plan was developed by Rural Affairs Minister Heather Humphreys and Regional Economic Development Minister Michael Ring.



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West and North West Region in Danger of Becoming "A National Wildlife park" under New National Framework Plan

Since the end of last year some details have leaked out about the government’s new National Framework Plan, that is to be officially launched for public consultation, at the end of this month.

However, yesterday at the monthly meeting of Mayo County Council, councillors were provided with some of the content of the new framework plan which looks at how development and investment should occur across the country over the next decade to enhance economic development.

Councillors expressed concern that the new National Framework plan ignores any significant development in the region north of a line linking Galway to Dublin and the CEO of Mayo County Council Peter Hynes agreed that the proposed new plan “lacks vision and fairness for Mayo and the north west region of the country”.

The new National Framework plan replaces the National Spatial Strategy.That strategy was launched nationally in Charlsetown back in 2002 – and the buzz words at that time were “hub towns” – like Ballina and Castlebar in this county – but in reality the designation delivered little.

This time round the emphasis is on city status for a number of large towns in the southern part of the country – Limerick, Cork, Waterford, and their connectivity to Galway and Dublin – but there’s no city status proposed for any town in the west or northwest of the country, above Galway city.

CEO Peter Hynes told councillors yesterday that they now need to build a shared vision between Mayo and the counties of the north west region, similar to the seven counties investing in IWAK last year. He also encouraged collaboration between Mayo county councillors and the Regional Assembly and the Western Development Commission and together to make submissions to this new National Framework Plan and keep it high on the political agenda.

Councillors agreed to seek a meeting with the 9 Oireachtas members in county Mayo to discuss their concerns about the plan which they believe looks at Mayo and the north west as developing into “a glorified wildlife park”.


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Review of "Free Travel Scheme" Suggested a 50 Euro Annual Charge

A  €50 annual charge for the “free travel” pass available to pensioners, carers and the disabled was proposed in an internal Government report as a way of securing the long-term viability of the scheme.

Nonetheless, Minister for Social Protection Leo Varadkar told today’s Irish Times that he remains fully committed to the full retention of the scheme.

The report found that a fourth of the population is entitled to some level of free travel, and said more people would avail of it in the years ahead because of an ageing population.

It concluded the scheme was “not sustainable” unless it was either allocated more money, restricted in its scope, or subjected to an annual charge.

The “free travel”scheme was introduced 50 years ago by Charles Haughey when he was minister for finance.

The report on its future, which was completed in 2014, set out options to secure “free travel “ in the medium to long term, depending on the level of funding allocated by the Government. No extra money was provided in last October’s budget.

The report estimated that one of the options, a €50 annual charge, could recoup €37 million and cut down on the number of free travel passes because people would have to apply for it proactively each year.

While the report was completed in 2014, its authors say its purpose was not to identify cuts but to examine the “current operation and future development of the Free Travel Scheme”.

The report was released to The Irish Times by the Department of Social Protection.

But its recommendations have not been implemented and Minister Varadkar told the paper that he is fully committed to its full retention.


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Verdict of accidental death returned at inquest into death of Castlebar teenager


A verdict of accidental death was returned at an inquest in Castlebar today into the death of an 18-year-old girl at Breaffy, Castlebar almost a year and a half ago.

Melissa Patterson of Hollow Grove, Castlebar died after being struck by a car while she was walking on the hard shoulder on the N60 road at Breaffy on July 30th 2015.

Today’s inquest heard that Melissa died from multiple injuries, including blunt trauma to the chest and abdomen and a fractured skull.

The jury returned a verdict of accidental death.

Superintendent Joe McKenna extended sympathy to the Patterson family on behalf of the Gardai, and acknowledged the many charitable initiatives that have been undertaken in Melissa’s name since her tragic death.

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43 jobs announced at Steeltech Sheds in Tuam

43 new jobs are being announced today for Tuam.

Steeltech Sheds, which is located at the former Coca Cola plant on the outskirts of Tuam, has announced a 5 million euro investment over the next three years.

The company plans to take on 43 more staff this year.

The Minister for Jobs & Enterprise Mary Mitchell O’Connor visited the Tuam facility at lunchtime to make the announcement on behalf of Steeltech Sheds Ltd.

The company has its headquarters in Tuam, and is involved in the design, manufacture, delivery and installation of garden sheds, workshops, home offices, garages, garden studios and chalets.

All products are made from steel, and custom-made on request.

The company has sales showrooms across Ireland, and in five locations in the UK.

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HSE responds to claims of service users at Ballina Training Centre being involved in hare coursing

The HSE has responded to claims that service users at a Mayo centre for people with disabilities are involved in the controversial sport of hare-coursing.

A report in today’s Irish Daily Mail says the hare-coursing has been facilitated by Ballina Training Centre, which provides services and programmes for people with intellectual disabilities.

According to the report, staff and service users have been involved in training greyhounds for hare-coursing, and have attended coursing events.

The Health Minister Simon Harris will face questions on the matter in the Dail this week, from Independent TD Maureen Sullivan, who  said she was appalled that public resources were being used to expose vulnerable individuals to the controversial activity.

A recent issue of an internal publication, called Mayo Mental Health News, contained an article outlining the involvement of staff and service users of Ballina Training Centre in hare-coursing.The article stated that two greyhounds had been purchased and were being trained for coursing by staff and service users.

A spokesman for the Irish Council Against Blood Sports has called for the project to cease immediately, and says the idea of bringing vulnerable people to hare-coursing meetings to watch hares being used as live bait for greyhounds is outrageous, and a totally inappropriate project for the HSE to be  involved in.

In response to a query on the matter from Midwest News, the HSE says the Ballina Training Centre does not, and never has, run a hare-coursing activity for its service users.

However, the HSE says it cannot comment on activities of staff or service users “during their own personal time”.

In the case of the article in the Irish Daily Mail, the HSE says they believe that the activities described as identified and developed solely by the service users in their personal time.

The statement says social engagements and activities in a communal setting are useful in building a life beyond mental illness.

The nature of such community-based activities are the prerogative of the individual and would only be supported by the HSE in the context of fostering recovery and promoting mental health. In the case described, this would amount to the animal’s general care and wellbeing.

Additional activities as outlined are a matter for the private individual, according to the HSE statement.

It says the support of clients by staff in their well-being or recovery does not constitute an endorsement or approval of any such activity.

The statement continues by saying that no service users – as part of the recovery service-  were brought to or encouraged to attend any coursing events.




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Conditions at Emergency Dept at UHG "chaotic and scandalous" says new review

The number of patients on trolleys at hospitals around the country today has reduced to 417.

In this region, there are 15 patients waiting for a bed at Portiuncla Hospital in Ballinasloe, where the Emergency Department has been  seriously overcrowded since Christmas.

There are 10 patients on trolleys at both Sligo and Galway University Hospitals, and 2 at Mayo University Hospital, according to the Irish Nurses & Midwives Organisation.

Meanwhile, a new report reveals that conditions at the Emergency Department at University Hospital Galway are chaotic and nothing short of scandalous.

The review was carried out by senior representatives of the Royal College of Nursing in Northern Ireland.

According to the Irish Times, this review was commissioned by the Saolta hospital group, which includes UHG, following a series of conciliation talks at the Labour Relations Commission.

The report describes the physical environment of the Emergency Department as shocking and disturbing.

The reviewers found the sight of numerous sick and vulnerable patients on trolleys in full view of the public as scandalous, and said the overcrowding and congestion make the environment completely unfit for purpose, with patients crammed together within touching distance of each other and little or no privacy.

The review also found nursing staff feel disempowered and frustrated, patients are at risk and nobody appears to be in charge at a departmental or corporate level.

The biggest problem identified by many staff in the report is the lack of senior doctors on the ground in the ED, leading to delays in the assessment and treatment of patients.

 The report says there needs to be an immediate improvement in the level of consultant presence in the emergency department, and this alone would have a significant impact.


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Young Westport woman who was found dead in London last month will be laid to rest on Wednesday

 A young Westport woman who was found dead alongside her seven year old son in London last month will be laid to rest in Aughagower on Wednesday.

The bodies of Sinéad Higgins and her son Oisin were found at their home in Ruislip, west London, on Wednesday morning December 14th after concerns were raised about their welfare.

Sinéad’s remains will be reposing at McGing’s funeral home, Westport on Tuesday evening from 5 o’clock with removal at 7 o’clock to Aughagower Church.

Mass will take place on Wednesday at 12 o’clock with burial afterwards in Aughagower cemetery.

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London police still seeking information on Mayo woman missing since Dec 27th

Police in London have confirmed that they are still appealing for information on the whereabouts of a Westport woman, who’s been missing from her home in Brent since just after Christmas.

54-year old Mary Higgins originally from Erriff near Westport was last seen by her son at her home in Wembley at about 8pm on the evening of Tuesday 27th December.

Police say Mary’s disappearance is unusual, and her family are growing increasingly concerned for her welfare.

Anyone with information on her whereabouts is asked to come forward.


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Fianna Fail TD says inexcusable delays to the planned Inishbofin Health Centre must be addressed

Inexcusable delays to the planned Inishbofin health centre must be addressed.

That’s according to Galway West TD and Fianna Fail spokesperson on Island Affairs Eamon O’Cuiv.

He says there are consistent delays in building a new health centre on Inishbofin Island.

Plans for the health centre were at an advanced stage some eight years ago, but since then the project has been effectively stalled.

Deputy O’Cuiv says the importance of a health centre for Inishbofin cannot be underestimated as there are 160 people living on the island and it is an extremely popular tourist destination.

He says the current health facility is no longer fit for purpose and a new premises is urgently needed. 

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Sinn Fein MLA Caitríona Ruane not standing for re-election to the Assembly

Sinn Féin MLA Caitríona Ruane has said she will not be standing in the next Northern Ireland Assembly election.

The Castlebar native has represented the South Down constituency for the last 14 years and, during that time, has served as an Education Minister and as a Principal Deputy Speaker.

“I have now decided not to put my name forward for selection for the next Assembly election,” she confirmed, in a statement yesterday evening.

An election has not yet been called, but looks increasingly likely.

Sinn Féin have until 5pm this evening to nominate a replacement for Martin McGuinness as deputy First Minister following his recent resignation.

However, they continue to insist they will not do so and want Northern Ireland to go to the polls.

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Bus Eireann workers expected to be updated today on cost saving plans at the company


Bus Eireann workers are expected to be updated today on cost saving plans at the company.


Reports claim the proposals, aiming to save up to 8 million euro, will include a ban on staff overtime and an end to the practice of carrying over annual leave.


It emerged last week that a consultant's report had warned shutting down the Expressway service could be the only way to secure Bus Eireann's financial future.

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Network Mayo keen to entice new members in 2017

Network Mayo is keen to entice new members in 2017

Orla Cunningham has been elected as the 2017 President of the organisation.

Orla is a graphic designer and co-founder of the Castlebar based businesss All In Design and Print.

Network Mayo is an organisation that supports the professional and personal development of women and its membership is made up of a diverse group of women from across the county.

It’s kick starting the year with a get to know you evening in Mayo Leisure Point on Thursday next (January 19th) at 7.30pm

Everyone is welcome to attend.

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Groups and individuals who value the rail service between Mayo and Dublin invited to make submissions

Groups and individuals who value the rail service between Mayo and Dublin should make their voices heard in a review currently underway on the country's rail service. 

That's according to Mayo Fianna Fail TD Dara Calleary. 

The deadline for submissions is next Wednesday January 18th and Deputy Calleary is urging people to make submissions, highlighting the importance of the rail service to Co Mayo, and any other suggestions they have for improving the service. 


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Minister Naughten says he considers himself very lucky after being struck by a car while cycling, to not have sustained more serious injuries

Minister Denis Naughten has told today’s Sunday Independent that he considers himself very, very lucky after he was struck by a car while cycling earlier this month, but survived.

The Roscommon TD told the paper that his life did flash before his eyes before he hit the ground.

Minister Naughten was struck on January 2nd and suffered spinal injuries in the incident that saw him rushed to Portiuncla Hospital in Ballinasloe at the height of the emergency department crisis. He was one of 612 patients on trolleys around the country that night.

He told that paper that he is battered and bruised but was very, very lucky that the injuries he picked up were not far more serious.

Minister Naughten is still recovering and is doing what his doctor tells him to as his injuries heal.

He expects to be back at his desk in the next couple of weeks and has been working from home. 

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Irish Natura and Hill Farmers Association to hold meetings across Mayo and Galway next month

The Irish Natura & Hill Farmers Association will hold meetings across Mayo and Galway next month, as part of a campaign to double ANC payments to farmers in mountainous and more severely handicapped areas.

A European review is currently underway of the ANC scheme – Areas of Natural Constraint –which may see certain areas currently in the scheme losing out in the re-mapping of eligible areas.

A doubling of payments to farmers on mountain and similar-type land would require increasing the ANC budget to 300 million euro which, according to the INHFA can be delivered from unspent Rural Developent Funds.

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HSE says influenza activity will peak in next week or two

The HSE provided an update on the flu season on Thursday at a press briefing where it was revealed that influenza activity has increased in the past week and will probably peak in the next week or two. 

The rate for last week increased to 95.3 per 100,000. 

The HSE say this rate is high, however not has high as those reached during the 2000/2001 and 2008/2009 influenza seasons and it is not possible to say at present if these higher levels will be reached this season. 

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Ballina business ceases trading

Ballina establishment Crockets on the Quay has closed to the public.

In a statement on the business’ Facebook page yesterday evening the management confirmed that it was with great sorrow that they wished to confirm that as of yesterday, Crockets on the Quay has ceased trading and will be closed until further notice.

The statement said the success of Crockets since it opened under new management in May 2013 has been largely due to its customer base.

The management thanked the customers for their business over the past number of years.

They also said that if there were queries over bookings/vouchers/orders etc they will be dealt with in due course.

The management apologised for any inconvenience caused during what they described as a difficult transition. 

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Second case of bird flu identified in county Galway

A second case of bird flu has been identified in county Galway.

The discovery was made yesterday after a wigeon was found to be carrying a strain of avian influenza.

Farmers are being advised to keep their poultry flocks confined - although no outbreaks have been found in Irish poultry so far.

Amy Nora Fitzgibbon from the Irish Farmers Journal says farmers are aware of the precautions they need to take

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Eight staff are to be made redundant from FORUM Connemara with effect from February 10th

Eight staff are to be made redundant from FORUM Connemara with effect from February 10th.

In a statement this afternoon FORUM Connemara says it has been informed by Pobal that further to the judgement of the Court of Appeal delivered on December 21st, the County Galway LCDC will proceed to establish a contract with Galway Rural Development Company Ltd for the delivery of the Social Inclusion Community Activation Programme in Co Galway. The local community development programme which was operated by FORUM will cease on February 10th.

This afternoon’s statement says this will have a devastating effect on these employees, their families and the wider community. It says it is the equivalent to a large factory closure in an urban area such as Galway City. 

FORUM has delivered a variety of community development programmes & services in the Connemara area for over twenty five years and during this period has facilitated the provision of a wide range of social programmes for its target groups – the elderly, people with disability, young people and people experiencing isolation and disadvantage. Through its dedicated and widely experienced staff, FORUM has also built up an extensive range of skills to help bolster the capacity of community groups and organisations to meet their specific needs.

The ethos of FORUM over the last 25 years has been about a ‘bottom up’ approach to rural development. This approach is about encouraging and assisting individuals, groups and organisations to participate in self-development which can best be achieved through the provision of services from a locally based development company which is fully informed and sensitive to both the people and the needs of the target region.

The decision of Galway County LCDC, to establish only one ‘lot’ for the management and delivery of SICAP throughout the entire county has resulted in the Programme contract being awarded to a company based in Athenry, far removed from communities along the western seaboard of Connemara. This decision ignored the unique geographical condition of Connemara as a distinct region within the county, and took no consideration of the potential negative effects in removing the decision making process and management of this vital programme away from the FORUM Board and from the Connemara people.

The Board and staff of FORUM are deeply appreciative of the overwhelming support of the people of Connemara who attended public meetings and events, lobbied politicians, and contacted FORUM with many messages of support in order to try to retain this vital programme for the Connemara area. On a more positive note FORUM is one three Local Development Companies nationally to have secured LAG status for the delivery of the LEADER programme. 

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Met Eireann withdraws weather warnings for snow and ice

Met Eireann has withdrawn its weather warnings for snow and ice, despite some lingering snow showers.

The Orange and yellow warnings were due to expire this evening at six, but improving weather meant they were withdrawn.

Icy road conditions are persisting in some counties, and motorists are asked to drive with caution and take their time.

Met Eireann forecaster Evelyn Cusack, says conditions will improve this weekend.

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ICMSA Call on Minister Creed To Intervene on Outstanding Glas Payments


The ongoing delay on GLAS payments to a third of farmers who have applied for the scheme, is “totally unacceptable”, according to the Chairperson of the ICMSA Farm and Rural Affairs Committee, Patrick Rohan.

He has called for the issue to be resolved as a matter of urgency.

Earlier this week, Mayo Sinn Fein Senator Rose Conway Walsh told Midwest that there are still 10,000 farmers awaiting GLAS payments.

Mr. Rohan says GLAS payments were originally due in mid-October but - three months later - and almost a third of applicants are still awaiting payment. The farmers had factored the payments into their cash flow plan for 2016 and, he said, the ongoing delay has caused very considerable stress for many farm families.

He insists this is ultimately a matter for Minister Creed to intervene on personally and ensure that the massive numbers of outstanding payments are finally made.

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Tuam-based company, Steeltech, is to make a significant jobs and investment announcement on Monday next

Tuam-based company, Steeltech, is to make a significant jobs and investment announcement on Monday next.

Steeltech Sheds, which is located on the Galway Road in Tuam, manufactures garden sheds, steel sheds and garages.

Jobs Minister Mary Mitchell O Connor will visit the company’s head office in Tuam at 12.15 next Monday to make the investment and jobs announcement.

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Roscommon Fine Gael Senator confirms that full funding remains in place for youth services in Roscommon and North East Galway this year

A Roscommon Fine Gael Senator has confirmed that full funding remains in place for youth services in Roscommon and North East Galway this year.

However Senator Maura Hopkins says that she has been advised the Youth Work Ireland Roscommon East Galway has lost the funding for delivery of these services because they were unable to meet the terms and conditions attached.

She says replacement service providers are being assessed and the funding will be allocated once in place.

Officials from the Department of Children and Youth Affairs have informed Senator Hopkins that funding was withdrawn from Youth Work Ireland Roscommon North East Galway following a service and governance examinations. Senator Hopkins says she was advised that the Department found that the service being delivered by Youth Work Ireland was not sufficient to meet the needs of young people and that the governance structure was not fit for purpose.

Senator Hopkins says while the way in which the Phoenix Centre was closed was not ideal, there were reasons behind the decision.

Meanwhile in a statement this afternoon County Roscommon Youth Service Ltd, trading as Youth Work Ireland Roscommon/NE Galway says following the withdrawal of 90% of funding in the past two months, it has been left with no option but to discontinue youth projects and services run by the organisation in Arigna, Ballaghaderreen, Castleblakeney, Castlerea and Roscommon Town in addition to its outreach services including the Youth Information Service in Roscommon Town and Castlerea and produces the Flying the Coop booklet.

The move comes in the wake of ongoing, but to date, unsuccessful efforts to have the funding decisions made by the Department of Children and Youth Affairs, and the Department of Justice in the past 8 weeks reversed. 

The statement says: the lack of willingness by the Department of Children and Youth Affairs to engage with us coupled with the absolute minimum of notice of withdrawal of the funding, and a scant disregard of the young people using the service, staff and volunteers, has left Youth Work Ireland Roscommon/NE Galway with some very difficult decision to make. 

The result has been:

·         The loss of a total of 3 positions.  2 positions became redundant as of the 31st of December 2016 and a 3rd member of staff will avail of voluntary redundancy at the end of January.

·         Cessation of Youth Clubs, Projects and Information Services.

While Youth Work Ireland Roscommon/NE Galway had been going through a period of organisational restructuring, under the guidance, and with the support of, the national organisation of Youth Work Ireland, the decision to withdraw 90% of funding has come like a bolt out of the blue, and has left the company with no alternative. In the past number of weeks, we have, with the assistance of the Department of Justice and the Irish Youth Justice Service, transferred the Youth Diversion Project in Roscommon Town on an interim basis to Foróige.  Unfortunately however, young people in the region are now without any of the other services provided.

The statement concludes by saying we are currently working with other community organisations on the ground in County Roscommon to see how facilities and services might be reinstated.  That work is now ongoing.


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The 17th annual Western Care Valentine’s Candlelight Ball Launched

The 17th annual Western Care Valentine’s Candlelight Ball will take place on Saturday, February 11th, in Breaffy House Resort, Castlebar

It was launched earlier this week by Mayo football manager Stephen Rochford.

The black tie event, is one of the highlights of the social calendar and tickets are now on sale.

Speaking at the launch Stephen said it was an honour to be associated with the event in light of the fantastic work being carried out by Western Care the length and breadth of Co Mayo.

The Western Care Association, he said does great work with over 1,000 people in the region  benefiting from its services.

 Tickets costing €50 are available from Western Care Headquaters, John Moore Road, Castlebar; Teresa Ward, Development Officer, 087 2467875; or from committee members. 

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Ulster Bank confirms issue with some payment files this morning

Ulster Bank has confirmed that there is an issue with some payments not being processed through the bank this morning.

In a statement to Midwest News this morning, a spokesperson for the bank said there is a delay with some payment files, but the majority have gone through.

The statement says:

“Some payment files have been delayed in the system this morning and Ulster Bank is working to have these applied as soon as possible. The bank apologises for this inconvenience and emergency cash is available to Ulster Bank customers if they contact the bank on 1850 424 365.“



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