A 71-year-old former Brother of the Franciscan Order has been found guilty of indecent exposure at Knock Shrine.

Christopher McCarthy, 9 Sharwood Estate, Newcastlewest, Co. Limerick, denied the offences yesterday before Judge Alan Mitchell at Castlebar District Court.

He was charged with exposing himself before an 18-year-old male teenager.

The accused told the court he had travelled to Knock by bus on 17th September 2017, to celebrate the Feast Day of Padre Pio.

The victim, who was 18 at the time, said he was in a public toilet when he heard what he described as “a soft knock” on the door of the cubicle.

The victim identified Christopher McCarthy in court as the man he had seen exposing himself on the date in question.

Christopher McCarthy admitted knocking on the door of a toilet cubicle but said he had only done so because the other two cubicles were not very clean. He denied seeing the youngster enter the toilet earlier.

Gardai later took a statement from the defendant at his home in Newcastlewest, where he outlined that he was formerly a Christian Brother, Brother Paul McCarthy of the Francisan Order, but had left the Order.

Judge Mitchell said the evidence of the injured party was the most credible and he was satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt to convict.

After finding the defendant guilty, the judge put back sentencing until later in the year to allow for the preparation of a Probation Report.

The matter will come before Judge Mitchell again – for mention – on March 20.



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