A  Mayo poultry company is included in a list of 9 sites published by the Environmental Protection Agency, for failing to meet necessary environmental standards.

The Western Brand Group, Ballyhaunis is on the EPA's latest National Priority Sites List for Enforcement, along with eight other sites across the country, and these companies face further enforcement action from the EPA in order to secure compliance with environmental standards.

Five of the 9 sites are involved in the agri-food sector, and the main compliance issues are causing odour and noise nuisance, and failing to properly manage wastewater discharges.

The National Priority Sites List is compiled and published by the EPA on a quarterly basis using a scoring system.

Points are allocated to each site based on compliance data, such as complaints and incidents over the previous 6 months.

Sites which exceed a certain threshold become a National Priority Site and the EPA can target them for further enforcement action, up to and including legal action or suspension of their licence.

The system was introduced last year to drive further environmental compliance at industrial and waste facilities.



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