Tallies across the country suggest Ireland has voted overwhelmingly to repeal the 8th amendment.

No results have been announced yet but a clear trend is emerging from count centres.

There's now a strong chance that every constituency in the country may vote Yes to repealing the 8th amendment.

Tallies are showing a strong trend towards yes.

In Mayo with about three quarters of the boxes open, the trend nationwide is reflected here with about 58% in favour of Yes and 42% No according to tally figures. The majority of the boxes left to be opened are from the Westport area. 

In Galway East the final tally shows the Yes side winning 60.6% to 39%. 

In the Dublin City it's unanimous - with possibly the strongest yes vote in the country coming in Rathmines where it was 87 per cent yes.

In Dublin county overall it's 3-to-1 Yes vote.

It's tight in Donegal with the No side leading 51 - 49

With over half of boxes open in Kerry it looks like a 58 per cent yes vote.

The Cork city centres are looking like a 2-1 yes, with the same result likely in Carlow Kilkenny

Across Wexford three quarters of boxes are open with no urban rural divide and a clear yes on the cards.



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