The huge 'NO' sign which was put up on the north side of Ben Bulben mountain yesterday morning is gone.

It is not clear when it was removed but from about 7am this morning it was no longer to be seen.

The erection of the sign by members of the Sligo For Life group generated considerable controversy all day yesterday with  criticism of the group for defacing Sligo's iconic mountain.

By yesterday afternoon Sligo County Council had begun an investigation under planning laws into its erection. 

The National Parks and Wildlife Service told the people responsible to take it down.

An Taisce submitted a legal complaint to Sligo County Council on its erection.

It claims the 100 foot sign would require planning permission as the mountain is part of a sensitive rural landscape in a visually vulnerable area and is surrounded by scenic routes, all designated under the Sligo County Development Plan 2017-2023.


The President of Sligo Chamber of Commerce , Fiona Candon, says she’s unhappy with the use of Ben Bulben as a billboard but says there’s unlikely to be any negative impact.


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